BBC News - Nintendo says 'No' to gay game characters (
"Nintendo says it will not allow gamers to play as gay characters in its life-simulation game Tomodachi Life."

I've been talking about this today - what are your opinions?
Personally I'm disappointed and I'm desperate for Nintendo and similar developers to bring same-sex relationships into their games. I want to be a female farmer with a wife in Harvest Moon, for example. 

Or is there already a Harvest Moon with that? I haven't been keeping up.

(P.S. This is a news article so should it go in Global Buzz?)
  • TheFirstKen Well for one of the Harvest Moon games (Harvest moon advanced I believe) you could give romantic items to the female characters and do kind of a marriage thing, but if I remember it was like "Best Friend" status.
    As far as same Sex relationships go I think really just Bethesda and Bio Ware are the only companies that regularly have that as an option. You need to remember some people are very closed minded about this kind of thing so they don't want to lose out on potential sales.
    • Nyx Bean The majority of the places in which they sell their games (includ. Japan) are actually mostly accepting of gay marriage these days. I also personally don't feel that losing sales should stop you from being decent human beings.

      What game was the "best friends" thing in? It's a little insulting that they'd just get called "friends". It's like suggesting the relationships best suited to the real me are superficial, but at this point I'll take what I can get. I'm not sure what sort of marriage best friends could have. :p
      • TheFirstKen Well I looked into it and it was Harvest Moon: Korobokkuru Station For Girls, which is the DS version. It allowed you to marry one of the special female characters from the Male version and it would prompt them to bring a baby home one day, but that option was taken out of any localized versions so it only existed in the Japanese version.
        Finally, sorry if I offended you with one of my losing of sales statement.
        • Nyx Bean No no, don't apologise. You are entitled to your opinion and have a right to express it, whether I agree or not.

          Jeez, I need to learn Japanese at this rate.
      • Kash I guess most of the programmers are over their head anyway and have not much capacity to program same sex scenes. I accept the hetero orientation as a default standard setting although opening up as bioware does really tells something about their capability. I just wish their had not messed the ending up like that in the last game.
        • Nyx Bean Why do you accept it as a default setting? I don't see why the implementation of same sex scenes should be an issue; it isn't like it is going to be full frontal xxx porn or something. All you would have to do is change the gender of one of the characters. The only issue I can see is the reaction of the close-minded among consumers.

          The problem of accepting "heterosexual" as the norm or default is the same as accepting "male" as default. You are alienating far more people in that way than you would be if you were inclusive. Despite the controversy, Bioware/EA and Bethesda have continued to sell extremely well.
          • Nyx Bean Well, accusing them of racism would be pretty weird in this discussion anyway.
          • Kash Yes, that is exactly why I accept also hetero games and not only same sex games :-) I have not problem with both. However, if a company desides to do a hetero game, thats how it is. I am not going to accuse them of racism. If they want to miss out sales, so be it.
  • Lux_Eget This wouldn't be the first time, Nintendo has constantly censored characters, especially in their transtions to the U.S. sad :c
    • Nyx Bean Yeah, I hate when that happens. On one hand, I do understand to a certain degree why SOME characters might get cut due to cultural differences, but on the other, how are we supposed to learn about one another if these characters aren't there to give us an insight into another culture. Frustrating!

      I haven't watched Sailor Moon yet, but in the original two of the Sailors are in a lesbian relationship. When the series released in the US, they changed that. Made them best friends and took out their romance. Or so I've been told. Attitudes in the US have changed rather dramatically since then, but I am still disgusted that they did that to the characters.
  • Robin Global Buzz is correct. You are one of the few people who actually uses it right :p

    Personally I think a good life-simulation game should (as the name says) simulate life as good as possible and gay people are part of life nowadays whether they like it or not.
    • Lux_Eget It's not a true simulations if it doesn't include all aspects of life, and this happens to be one of them. I agree with you completely
    • Nyx Bean The idea that not including LGBT characters/relationships in these games is "avoiding social commentary" as Nintendo stated is hugely laughable. I mean, it's the complete opposite!

      I've been waiting for them to catch up for ages. Maybe I've been spoiled by Bioware and Bethesda. :p