• Nyx Bean This is why I need to start working out again. I could have this body if I really try (hourglass with big knockers for the win).
    • Subz their fake >O>
      • Nyx Bean There still there though, fake or not. :p
        • Kash Problem with fake once are that they feel differently....do I make sense?
          Anyhow, the novelity wears off fast.
          • Kash Yep, you are certainly right with that. However, my preferences are girls who know how to wear hiking boots, row a boat and dig up dandelion roots. Glamour and arteficial life is probably more appealing for town people :-)
          • Nyx Bean As you've already said. ;p However, in a society where so much worth is placed on a woman's body, you have to expect certain problems with self-esteem to arise. The more airbrushed and altered the models, porn stars, and celebrities, the more you're going to see people (esp. women) taking risks just to feel attractive.
          • Kash Every operation bears a risk, no matter if its a heart operation, brain or boobs. People die because of boobs operations.
            Anyhow, I think the novelity wears off pretty fast.
          • Nyx Bean Depends on what you like and depends on what the skill of surgeon was. Basically I wouldn't like to tell anybody what they should or shouldn't do with their body, and anybody who is actually into them can deal with a little bit of awkwardness, surely. :p

            I wouldn't have it done but then again, I don't need to.
          • Subz its a bit lumpy and deformed though >O>