Miss Factual 05 (encrypted-tbn1.gstatic.com)

'Ello BlackSpearia ~. Heard ya kicking asses and taking names as usual. Sorry it took me awhile to make the 5th one. But I'm back ! Guess what time it is? It's been awhile but don't worry . We're back with another lesson of - Miss Factual~ . Today, we will be talking about one of the main characters from DNA! Karoi Aoi, breaking down her name. What it means and how sexy the Kanji is etc.
- Aoi. 
As far as I know and have researched, The Kanji Masakazu Katsura (Writer of DNA) Used the kanji to spell Miss Aoi's name . "葵 かりん" . Aoi, Means "Hollyhock" Or "Blue" . But the exact translation that Katsura-San used as far as the Kanji goes for Aoi . Means Hollyhock. For those of you who don't know what a hollyhock is, A hollyhock is a Eurasian plant of the Mallow family, widely cultivated for it's large showy flowers. 
Here's an example a picture of a HollyHock > http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-2aQxWX9iWoY/Ti3TfpoU7RI/AAAAAAAAB8Y/IOZ6_SEhAF8/s400/HOLLYHOCKS+3.JPG
- Karin 
Originally the name tracks back to Greek. Meaning "Pure Maiden". However, modernly in japan it means "Summer Forest." Considering howKatsura-San wrote Karin's name "葵 かりん" . Notice how , "Karin" was written in Hiragana. He didn't use the modern japanese version of Karin. Insteadhe used the greek origin. So there you have it. Another Mystery Solved Of Miss Factual. You all have a nice day. 
  • umadbro i just dont have a thing for the armor...
  • SimMan hey thanks for the info how lovely a pure maiden turns into a maid or vice versa.
  • Keiryu Glad to see you are still doing this.

    To start let me say FINALY KARIN!!! Now that i have done that, i am a bit suprised mostly because of the "Aoi" part, i always used "Blue" when transalitng her name.

    Mostly because i think it fits with her character when she is called a "Pure Blue Maiden", imagin my suprise when i find out that i was transalitng it wrong...well guess you learn something new everyday.

    Like always great job and keep it up. ^_^