Orwell Vs Huxley Something to ponder about
I stumbled upon this and gave me something to think about.  In the end we were so worried about becoming a world like Orwell's we ended up instead in a world like Huxley's.
  • Keiryu Well honestly i rather drown myself in pleasure then living in pain of course each person has their own opinion but no matter what people might say no one wants to live in a world that trys to break you with pain if they can chosse they rather take the easy way out by winning a Million/Billion/Trillon/Gajillion Dollars/Euro/Yen/Etc.. and never having to work the rest of your life which end up becoming boring over time and most likely ends with suicide....of course there are the few that will say "no i would do it diffrently and nothing like that would happen to me" but quite honestly unless you have been born rich and never had to work a day of your life you will never know what might have been...anyway i rather stop or i will keep on going and going about something half the people here won´t even read.

    but yeah all in all i rather live in an INSANE filled world then a world filled with suffering..unless i am the one making everyone suffer MUHAHAHAHA!!
  • ℟angßøømeՐ I was always taught taking anything to the extreme will eventually ruin you..but in a extreme world of lo..v. **INSANITY**..might be the best way to go.
  • TheFirstKen Also I've found to help read the ones like this I normally right click the image, and select open image in a new tab. Normally when you do that it allows you to zoom in on the image. I've found that works for both firefox and Chrome.