Keiryu´s Females...Sanji "Black Legged Beauty" (AF)
Well since i am posting the One piece beauties in pairs here is the second version of the Cooking and Kicking Queen Sanji-Chan. 

You know the drill people help me spread my INSANITY by Commenting and of course liking this. 

KEIRYU MASTER OF INSANITY...out(Still taking a pi** on Mars). ^_^

  • Kash Why is highclass so often associated with smoking, anyhow, the girl is smoking hot.
    • Keiryu I guess because Tabaco is not something many people could afford at the time where being part of the "High Class" counted for something you needed some serious money to get most of those things.
      • Kash coud be true, I don't know............ Hello, is there a high class chic on this board? We need here some verification.
        • Keiryu Yes i agree with my fellow man we do need some serious confirmation i realy wanna know if we have a high class lady in this community. ^_^