Keiryu´s Females...Usopp "Sniper Queen" (AF)
Yes just as you might have guessed i am already back with more and Usopp-chan is once again my main guest so how do you feel now Usopp-chan?


......Yes...yes they got....well anyway i guess i don´t have much to say right now except maybe THROW ME A COMMENT AND A LIKE I COMMAND YOU!!!(plus i forgot to say it in the last one).

So yeah that is all do you have anything to add Usopp-chan?

Usopp-chan: I miss my boobs. *Cries*

hmmm so do i...well anyway see you next time folks.

KEIRYU MASTER OF INSANITY...out(still not sure where i am but i just keep on flying around in space until i reach something of interesst).