Vegeta's 10 Worst Nightmares
A friend linked me to this.  Figured I would share it here.
  • Luke 1)He does like to 'fuse' with Goten....
    2)Poor Vegeta (Don't bully your father's ladies)
    3)I'd think Vegeta who is a prince and can blow up planets would be able to make his wife orgasm...
    4)I'd flee...
    7)I have no idea how old she really is...[ how does her husband handle her ;) ]
    8)I believe all men probably like them..
    9)I can see that happening.
    10) Caller - 'Hi my homephone is having issues', Goku 'We're sending over a specialist', Transmits over Caller - 'HOW THE FK YOU GET IN MY HOUSE!!!!!'
  • Keiryu well to be fair who does not like a good Blowjob? and Bulma´s mom is a pretty nice MILF(she never seems to age) but the last one with Goku just cracked me up just imagining Goku on the phone with random people just great. ^_^