• 1774688 Remember, it isn't so much what you have, as much as how you use it. For both men and women. To put it in a quasi-asian proverb style: "It is not the size of the sword that decides the battle, it is the warrior who wields it."
  • Keiryu meh not one to care that much about the boob size.....DID I JUST SAY THAT??? o.O

    well anyway i think as long as they have long hair an ok personality and are not ugly as SIN that they can be flat as a board for all i care.
    • type-o Yeah … I agree … there are other, more important points of attraction.

      So, let's consider the information above from a purely … umm … scientific … point of view.

      Nah … who am I kidding?! I'm moving to Sweden Y^.^
      • Keiryu funny thing is those with plus D are all places where it is realy cold Russia, Norway, Sweden and Finland i mean compared to some places they are realy damn cold so you probably won´t have much chance to see a lot of boobs(or skin for that matter). ^_^