Minor bug in racing game
It's nothing serious but I've noticed that every time the motorcycle with the gun (re)loads (both at the beginning of the game and right after the enemy uses his swinging weapon ) he clearly shoots his weapon but no gunshot comes out. It's just a second so it's hard to take a screenshot, but just start the game and instead of watching your guy watch the enemy. You'll see the first shot when he takes out his gun is always a blank. 
If I'm not making myself clear just let me know and I'll try to explain myself better.
  • Natsu Dragneel Ok, i'll tell what i found, but i don't know if that is bug.
    Sometimes are shots very fast and that girl with gun shoots two shots in half second
    and maybe there is another one, if the bad guys go out of window and then they'll come back, they just drive to me so fast, that i can't dodge
    But i think this minigame is good playable now and there are no big bugs
    • Robin I agree, it's absolutely playable and I bet the minor bugs that are in there wouldn't even be noticed by most people.

      Personally I think letting the swinging guy move to the front a bit slower would be a good idea though because that is absolutely impossible to dodge.
      It is possible however if you're driving closer to the middle/back which makes dodging the bullets harder so you could also see it as making a choice between making the game easier for yourself by driving far away from the enemy but with the risk of dying when he comes swinging away or making it harder for yourself by driving closer to the enemy but have the possiblity to dodge his front swinging attack succesfully.
  • SimMan ok I've got the idea thanks!