• 1774688 Anthony Stark becomes the green ranger? We should be afraid, very afraid. Then again, the suits might be revolutionised by this, as would morphing in general. For pure physical combat Stark might not be the very best, so unmorphed fighting is going to be quite the challenge, I suppose, Once morphed though, he'll be a significant force to reckon with. Would he be able to be freed from Rita's influence, though? In that case he may be an initially rather mediocre evil ranger, who might be defeated more easily. Should the Stark arsenal be combined with this, there is a very pressing problem. Now, this does take place in the early 1990's, so technology might go a very different way.
    Should he join the original rangers, some 60% of the fights will be solved far easier. Jason was always calling for more power, which should be readily available in the form of an arc reactor.