Having grown up somewhat with Sim girls.
I can honestly say it was one of the fondest memories as a teenager. Now
when I play it as a 23 year old. I'm very fond of how Sim man developed
the game over the years.

Tomoko went from the hot chick you
just want to nail. To a neglected daughter who just wants someone to see
the inner self. And not just her outer self. She changes from the
somewhat snobby popular girl to a more open minded more mature person.

was the one who resonated most with me. I used to cheat on Tomoko with
Kotomi. Simply because Kotomi wasn't perfect and she didn't try to be.
Like Ami she was goal oriented, and it was rewarding getting the girl who overcomes her major flaw because of you.

Ami, well she was pretty much stagnant. But that's what made her great. She was the first girl we got an ending with, not counting the Tomoko dressing room scene. And having her die was a bit gut wrenching.

Karin was my favorite because of her ending.

basically I just want to say thanks for all of your hard work. I
certainly spent a lot of time on the first version, and my love and
attention to it grew from there.
  • SimMan I should have come to this category more often. Missing out a lot of great text posts like this one :() It really can put a smile on my face and keep me going. Thanks
    • chefknight The fact that to you, the creator. Commented on this, means a lot. I'll gladly keep playing your eroge until I die. So thank you for taking the time to read my heart felt comment about your first eroge.
  • Deranged Madman Really nice post you got here mate. Loved how you described Ami XD
  • Keiryu Any fan of Karin is a friend of mine i know exactly what you mean her ending was just amazing. ^_^