Dragon Ball Z Stop Motion - Cell's return 七龍珠動畫-賽魯回歸 (youtube.com)
Dragon Ball episode 2! Z warriors against one of the most badass enemy from the story,
Goku and Vegeta as the special guest.
The animation part took me 53 days and sound application, modification took me 6 days,
this entire video took me in total 59 days and around 6000 pictures.
Episode 3 should be uploaded around August, before it, there will be some video gaming
and Old school japanese anime stop motion.

七龍珠第二集,魔王賽魯出現了! 這次悟空跟達爾將會是後半段的特別來賓.
影片動畫部份花了53天, 配音跟轉音花了6天, 整部片共花了59天及拍了超過6000張的照片.
第三集會在八月左右上傳, 在那之前會先拍幾部電玩跟日本動漫的影片.

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Music: Chala head Chala Remix