LoveMore first drafts: Rayden x Ana
As you may or may not know I've recently received the LoveMore Pre-Order bonus gifts in which I've discovered there are actually 2 characters based on me :)

One of the greatest rewards for early active members was to be included in SimGirls LoveMore, a reward that only 3 members received at the time. Those members were me, Anna and Soham Banerjee. We got the privilege to send SimMan a couple of pictures of ourselves after which he gave us a role in-game and showed us a first draft of our characters.

Later on, more members got the honour of becoming a supporting character and my character got revised quite a bit to look more like me, but I see now the early sketches of Robin were actually still used. They created Rayden with them who was married to my good friend Ana :)
It gets even better though since Ana had a falling out with Blackspears and is now deceased, just like the Anna-profile in this community.

I love how SimMan did not only include important real life events but also small details that only members of this community will get :)
You clearly put a lot of effort and thought in this game, SimMan.
Congratulations with what I now already know, will be one of the greatest games I've ever played.

Oh, and I almost forgot since I was so excited about my early drafts appearing in the art book but it's very decent of you to not have forgotten about the early members who helped build this community even though some, like Anna, are now gone.
So it seems you're not only a great game director, but a great person as well :)

My revised character, who looks more like me:

Soham's character original draft:
  • Keiryu I personaly still prefer Keir aka yours truly but i always have to admit your first character looks quiet amazing at least this one lacks the whole "Pants Bulge" ^_^
  • Dustin I gotta say the variety put into the character design is rather impressive. You seldom ever see that type of variance so good job.
  • Eric Wood I love the different character designs, I can not wait to play!
  • SimMan And one day when you finish the game the 1st or maybe the 2nd time, you will find another big surprise related to your character in the game.
  • SimMan Of course I won't forget. These two characters are actually extremely important to the main story line.