A present I couldn't Love More :)
Today I've received another very welcome surprise from Canada in my mailbox.
Although I had complete trust in SimMan, I'm very happy to see the order and delivery happened just flawlessly. Its packaging is also very discrete. It's just a small, brown packet that states it's a gift with a T-shirt, mouse pad and art book in it.
I hope this puts anyone's troubled mind at ease about not being able to receive it in their country or about any faults in the service.

I've only checked out the content rather quickly but I've seen enough to know it's awesome :)
I won't spoil the surprise by going into too much detail, but I'll just vaguely describe what it’s all about. 

As I already said you have the T-shirt, that fits me perfectly by the way. You also have a sexy mouse pad that I’ve held in my hands in the exact same way as in the photo too many times already :p

Then I saw a little square thingy of which I couldn’t quite figure out what it’s for. It’s not that visible in the photo but it feels like a tiny mouse pad with the LoveMore logo on it. It’s not a magnet or a sticker. Hope I’m not just being a complete idiot right now, but if anyone knows please do tell me because not knowing will keep me up all night  :D
edit: Lots of thanks to Antoniosan for telling me the purpose of the little square thingy. It's for wiping the screen which might come in handy when playing SG LoveMore :p
update from SimMan: http://simgirls.socialengine.com/post/1909768/lovemore-screen-cleaner-for-phones

But what’s the most fun is the art book which holds a lot more information and beautiful pictures –and some pretty hot too, don’t worry- than I expected. If SimMan put so much time and effort into creating such a realistic, detailed art book than I can only imagine what the game’s going to be like. I’m not posting any content from the book itself but I will say it contains bio’s, profile pictures and in-game scenes as well as background information that will come in handy while playing the game. And the beautiful message of love SimMan wrote on the final page is something I enjoyed reading too and of course agreed with wholeheartedly.

Last but not least, I’ve found the personal thank you card from SimMan which really made my day. Especially since I should actually be thanking him for this great gift to us.


PS: I read something in the art book I just had to share http://simgirls.socialengine.com/post/1908220/lovemore-art-rayden-x-ana