Tien's lower tier reaction
for all tien haters out there
  • chefknight He pushed goku to his limits. And even.... (can't believe they took this out) made goku use the kamehameha in the air with his feet!
    • Robin One of my favourite kamehameha-moments :p
      They didn't take it out by the way. They split up the show in Dragonball and Dragonball Z (which starts after Gohan is born) and the feet kamehameha happens in Dragonball. Tien is much more important there than in Dragonball Z.
      The feet kamehameha was used against Picollo by the way, not against Tien. While fighting Tien he also shot a wave so he could fly but he used his hands to do so.

      It's weird they made Tien less and less important while Krillin, who was weaker, continued to be a pretty prominent character in the show.
      • chefknight Oh that's right. It's my fav moment, right next to the warp kamehameha. I thinks it's funny how everyone or atleast a lot of people think goten uses the kamehameha. He actually says Kamekameha. Making a new, identical move by accident.
        • Robin The warp kamehameha is my favourite one :D
          I really didn't see that one coming. It was brilliant and yet so simple at the same time as is every fighting move of Goku :p

          Some say the difference between a Kamekameha and a Kamehameha is that the latter is controllable and the former can't be guided and is basically an unstable projectile. Honestly I think it's just an accidental writing error or a deliberate attempt to show that Goten was just a child who makes cute mistakes when saying hard words :D
          • chefknight I liked him as apposed to Pan and the entire GT season. I stopped after buu is killed and uub begins his training with Goku
  • THE ONER Honestly Tien should have been in more episodes. He was there for a few then he became one of the super super minor characters
  • Robin How could anybody hate Tien? He was one of the first people that flew and his tri beam could even hold Cell down :p

    He's awesome :D