What's your fetish?
Over the years I've seen SimGirls grow not only storywise but also in variety of fetishes it picked up. I've seen foot fetishes, girl-on-girl, public indecency, golden showers, spanking, anal sex, used underwear, sex slaves, sex parties, bukakke, rape, enjo kosai, humiliation, tentacles and monsters,... The list goes on and on :p

Like everybody there were certain things I love more than others. I, for example, don't get what's so hot about urinating on someone or licking a girl's foot :)
Not that I can't enjoy those scenes, but I could do without it.

If I have to choose one thing I love the most I think it's the thrill of being able to get caught. I'm talking about the extra tension you get by doing something "naughty" while people are nearby or while there's a chance they might see what you're doing. I'm thinking about the first hidden scene with Tomoko in the Changing Room or the one in the diner where you looked under the table to check her underwear.
So I don't know if it has a specific name, but that's what I love the most :D

What are you guys' favourite fetishes? And what are some real turn-offs for you?
  • (deleted) My fetishes: bondage, exhibitionism, spanking, being tied up to machines, and mild pain are a couple. I'm also bisexual, so I have weird fetishes when it comes to both genders. For example, I like being totally submissive to a guy, but I love dominating women. I also love it when women wear lace stockings and secretary outfits. It's kind of weird, I know. I also have a weird thing for collarbones. Not that I want to rub my vagina on someone's collarbones, I just think they look nice. :)
    • IKAros miss you just made me regret my decision of ever reading this post. i just can't stop myself from forgetting this collarbone fetish.... i'm gonna dip my head in a bucket of cold water. TT_TT
    • Robin Wow, why do all girls like you live overseas? :p
      And I was just about to ask what a collarbone fetish was before I clicked the "More..."-button.
  • B.Orchid Okay. Thank you.
    • Robin You're welcome!
      And you'll notice soon enough that once you start posting you'll get 50 points in no time.
  • B.Orchid How do I get points because I wanna play version 5.6?
    • Robin By posting stuff and getting likes on that or your comments.
      The number of followers seem to have some influence too, but it's pretty minor in my experience.
  • B.Orchid Is that pic from version 5.6? I wanna play it.
    • Robin No, it's actually the second hidden Tomoko/Kotomi scene which is also available in SG 5.5. You can Ask Ami about it in school.
      • kai whats the state must have and how to get ths scene
        • Robin Tomoko (Hentai >120) and Kotomi (Hentai>60) must both be lovers and you must visit the Medical Room on a Saturday.

          It's actually the third hidden scene come to think of it. The first 2 need to have happened first though -and not on the same day- but to get those it's easier to just Ask Ami than me explaining it here :)

          Oh well, I'll just do it myself and get it over with.

          Hidden scene 1:
          - Tomoko (Hentai>40) is NOT a girlfriend or lover and Kotomi is a girlfriend or lover
          - Visit the Changing Room on a Saturday

          Hidden scene 2:
          - Tomoko (Hentai >80) and Kotomi (Hentai>40) are both lovers and you go back to the West Wing on a Saturday
          - Hidden scene 1 has happened
  • Anna My fetishes: Giving road head or anywhere public, a little bit of bondage, feeling like I'm going to get caught, blindfolds, and vibrators (like vibrating cock rings)
    • Robin You sound like an adventureous girl :D

      Maybe it's just a part of the whole getting caught-thing, but I might be a little bit of a voyeur too. I've never done it in real life, but just the thought gives me chills.
      Another weird quirk of mine is that I really like wet girls. And I don't mean that in a sexually suggestive way :p Just wet hairs and everything make them that more attractive to me :)
      And of course, I think everyone likes a bit of blindfolding and bondage. Having or losing control is something I can certainly appreciate. But stuff like testical clamps, etc. is a bridge too far for me :p
  • Robin Or what are some of the weirdest fetishes you've heard off?

    2 off the top of my head are Formicophilia and Vorarephilia.
    The first one meaning you like it when bugs crawl over you especially over more intimate parts and the second meaning you get aroused at the thought of getting eaten by someone or seeing someone eat an other person.
    Normally I don't judge people based on their sexual preferences but that is some sick sh*t :p
  • Tonny blumpkins: getting a blowjob while taking a shit :D
    jk, i like everything as long as it's not too extreme.
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