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Hermione Granger from Harry Potter as Marilyn Monroe
  • 1774688 The potential to do this as a wizard would be enormous. It doesn't happen, though. As to the question why, it is only fan art about children's literature. In-universe however, there must be all sorts of checks and balances to prevent the Wizarding World from devolving into a fest for debauchery. The ministry of magic would have laws in place to prevent such things, as well as common decency. However, in this world both sides can do magic, so such accidents can be prevented with a wave of your wand. As attempts to still cause accidents and subsequent actions to block it expend more and more energy youngsters would eventually give up because the expended resources are too high.
    (Yeah, I overthink these things a bit)
  • Robin If this happened in the real movie it would double its viewers :p
  • vlad Oh my GoD