A few New Zealand words
here are a few words for you to guess their meanings.

Hokey pokey;
Cark it;
Pack a sad;
Wop wops;
Rattle your dags;

I will put the meanings out later, have fun guessing
  • SimMan Rattle your dags should be something like shake your ass
  • Keiryu rattles your dags...sounds dirty.
    • horseboy maybe for the sheep !
      • Keiryu I speak a lot of things and know a lot of words includinging various accents ranging from Portugues to English to even Russian (This is mostly swear words) but i never learned any new zealand/australian words (But i do admit most of them have an awesome accent).

        So yeah to me it is more amazing that i got the meaning more or less right since it has something to do with sheep crap...or at least that is what google told me. ;)
        • horseboy Yes, it does in a way, it is the dried droppings that hang on it's wool , and they rattle together when it runs, so to "rattle your dags" is to move fast