Stromae - Papaoutai (
This is a new single from the Belgian singer-songwriter Stromae. It's called 'Papaoutai', which you pronounce as "Papa, où t'es?" meaning "Daddy, where are you?"

It's an autobiographical song about a boy trying everything he can to get his daddy's attention but he doesn't seem to care. He's always absent or busy with work and never has time for him. Whenever he's home he's too tired for any father-song activities so his mother takes care of the boy and tries to make excuses for his father.

I've got to warn you. All his music is in French, but I still really like it though. The lyrics are so meaningful and he combined them with a very catchy tune :)
A great song in my book, but I might be kind of biased because we don't have that many good Belgian artists to begin with.

Another song of him is "Alors on dance" about the way people cope with their corporate lives.
You can find that one here:
  • John Blackwell wow reminds me of rich people familys
  • Robin You've got to interpret the video as follows:

    His daddy is like a living doll who's present physically but not emotionally/mentally. While all the other fathers and sons or mothers and daughters are doing something together outside his father just acts like an inanimate. Then he says something about everybody knowing how to raise a child, but how do you raise a father. After this he tries even harder to impress his dad and tries to imagine what it could be like but in the very end he finally gives up after countless efforts and becomes as emotionally "dead" as his father.
    Both are now just sitting next to each in their couch without saying a word like 2 lifeless dolls.
  • Robin I really love the dancers in here too by the way.
    Especially the black guy in red. His moves are incredible. They look almost impossible at some moments. For example, just watch 1:10 to 1:30 for some crazy moves :p