A surprise from Blackspears
Today I've received a very welcome surprise from Canada in my mailbox. I'm very proud and almost ecstatic to announce I'm the very first owner of the Simgirls Black Collection DVD :)
I'm so lucky to be a test subject! Thanks, SimMan.

Everything went well and the DVD is in perfect shape, so I guess others will soon be able to claim their reward as well.
It took him about 7 days to get here (including 1 weekend). It was sent the 10th of June and I received it the 17th.

For those members, like me, who are concerned their parents will accidentally open it, I can assure you there's no need for that. It's shipped in a simple white, completely sealed square envelope and if you're parents open that it would be on purpose in which case you've got more reason to be ashamed of their behaviour than vice versa :p

I'm going to check out the content now and then I'll let know a little more about this. I won't post any drawings though because I don't want to spoil the surprise :)
Oh well, maybe just my favourite one as a tease :p