Japan bringing sex to a whole new level once again
I used to think everything about the Japanese culture was great... but then I read this :p

Eyeball-licking or oculolinctus is the newest fad among Japanese youngsters. This fetish, called "worming" amongst teens, is pretty self-explanatory. You lick the eyeball of your partner with the tip of your tongue to create an arousing, tingly feeling.
Experts are already worried about epidemics of pinkeye and even eye herpes. They recommend developing special tongue rubbers :p

Ah well, at least they're comfortable with doing what they love and I guess it's probably not even the weirdest fetish I've encountered. I just remembered they were the ones that invented tentacle rape as well. Oh and furries, and sex with robots, and Yaeba, and donut heads, and...

Link: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/06/12/eyeball-licking-pinkeye_n_3423985.html