light vs kenny
ok who do you think will win 
  • Keiryu Well it takes at least 1 episode for Kenny to come back. So Light/Kira would win...

    Even if we take the 1 episode rule away. Light/Kira would still win since Kenny is a kid not a super powerfull being (No joke powers do not count.)

    So yeah Winner is: Lighty Yagami/Kira
    • David watch season 14 episode 12-13 to see how Kenny immortality worked.
      but i do agree light would win because he would find out what the piece in the weak chain of his immortality.
      • Keiryu Oh i know how his powers work. Still does not change, that he usualy takes 1 episode to come back. It's the problem with joke shows like this, and like i said Joke powers do not count.

        But i did just realize something, that i have forgotten. Light/Kira, can not kill Kenny. For one simple reason. Light/Kira needs to know how he looks like, which is almost impossible since Kenny always(almost) has his Parka covering most his face.

        Also. Kenny is a skilled weapons user, ranging from Firearms to Shuriken. So he is more capable in a fight, than Light/Kira.

        REAL WINNER: Kenny McCormick
        • David good point that about the death note i forgot about that . how I thought light would win was by first killing Kenny mother (breaking Kenny way back to life) and then he would kill Kenny guess that won't work now cause like you said you need to know what they look like for it to work.
          • Torazelda But then you also can still put the coin in the other hand cause Light is a super genus who could figure out ways to see Kenny's face without even revealing himself. So if Light just wants to kill Kenny without Kenny even knowing he would win. Also Light tends to have backup plan after backup plan and is extremely adaptable. So it really can go either way. It's just a giant game of chess. I still think Light would win but that's just my personal opinion :) Also when Kenny dies no one has memory of Kenny's death. So it becomes one huge mind ****. With that being said I think we are dealing with forces beyond our control. Someone has divided by 0. The world will end.
          • Keiryu Yeah i forgot about that part myself, so i rechecked. That's why i had to change the winner. I usualy try being accurate right from the start, but sometimes i just forget small details like that.