Fallout vs Skyrim (youtube.com)
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Yet another two video-game legends battle head-to-head: Fallout's Vault Boy versus Skyrim's Dovahkiin. Let the bloodshed begin!

Behind the Scenes/VFX Breakdown: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YYorN8gY9RA

Director/VFX - Andrew McMurry
Vault Boy - Seth McMurry
Dovahkiin - Joe Ochterbeck (http://www.joeochterbeck.com/)

Opening jingle from Kevin MacLeod
Additional sound samples courtesy of http://www.freesound.org/ and users jorickhoofd, benboncan, cmusounddesign, klankbeeld, and aboe
  • Robin I've never seen this game wars channel before.
    They just gained a fan :)
    • David I found by accident when looking through game trailers.
      • Keiryu It's how most people find amazing stuff, it's how i discovered "Gemada" (Brazilian drink similiar to Eggnog but usualy done with Black Beer.) and that was one of the best things i ever did (That sh*t be perfect for hangovers.)

        So yeah without randomness, most people would miss half of the things in the world.
  • Keiryu Have to admit it is very well made, respect to everyone involved.

    Also it depends which Fallout Vault Dweller, we are talking about. But i am guessing, it is "The Lone Wanderer" from Fallout 3. In that case, Dovahklin would stand little chance of victory. Considering his opponent has far more ways of healing himself and with certain perks, can become close to immortal.

    Not to forget the Fallout equipment, is something Dovahlkin has never faced and if anyone has ever played Fallout 3/New Vegas. Then they know how OP the PipBoy is.
    • David personally i see it as whoever get the first hit there op stuff in both games.

      skyrim op stuff is wabbajack,mark of death and paralysis for a few.as for fallout op stuff fatmans, alien gun and tasla cannon.
      either way it was entertaining to watch
      • Keiryu I was more refering to the PipBoy when saying it is OP. Like it was shown, it can "stop time" in a sense. Allowing The Lone Wanderer to attack Dovahlklin, without him being able to counter. Not to forget the LW here shot him in the stomach/abdomen, which never did much damage and while Dovahlklin had a helmet. The Fallout game kind of ignore that on enemies, letting you hit and rip an enemies head with a good shot.

        Still i personaly prefer to play as a stealhty character in the Fallout games, using a Sniper and Stealth Boy for quick undetected kills. Which again would give the LW a huge advantage.

        Of course this is all without going into the more complex equipment, like Power Armor or the Alien Weapons (Which literaly turn everything to dust.)

        So yeah no doubt in my mind the Lone Wanderer would win against Dovahlklin. But hey unless i really look into it there are many things i might have left out.

        Still it was fun to watch.