Durarara! Valeninte's Day Card...#2
This time, it is our dear Dulahan Celty. For those of you that don't know what a Dulahan is...Go pick up a book...For those of you that areto lazy, it's like the grim reaper and shiz...

That is all see you later...SPREAD THE LOVE MOTHERFU**ER!!!

KEIRYU MASTER OF LOVE...out (Currently still spreading LOVE)
  • Bob Are you sure doesn't seem like a good match in terms of size and positioning
    • Keiryu Hey. If you lack something and really really want it. I am sure you make it fit somehow. Is that not what Love is all about. ;D
      • Bob True. As long as you can deal with loud whispering and awkwardly sticky handshakes from your neighbors. That they clam to be "squid juice" from the calamari they made earlier . Love can be rather messy after all