SimGirls Fan Version (abandoned) - The Character Creator
During SimMan's absence since March 2006,the fans on old forums waited for his comeback till 2007.
But after 3 years of his absence,the fans planned to work on SimGirls & complete the game,partially in hope of SimMan's return.

Christmas 2008 was the official start. On November 2010,only some new developments were made by them,which they posted on forums.

The reason was that they wanted to re-make the most of the old features of the whole game.

After SimMan's comeback in August 2011,this project was discontinued.

Here's the new Character Creation Screen!!!
Player needs to enter his First name,Last Name & Date of Birth.
  • Kentaro it is tere on the old forum.
  • SimMan at least it brings back some good old memories.
  • Kash There was once a small group meddling with the fighting game and even wanted to create a version with 3D models. The fighting game sort of worked but the rest was untouched.
    • Soham Banerjee The Fighting game is correct,but there was NEVER any plan to create 3D version or models.
      They had planned to finish SimGirls,only.
      • Kash I actually remember having seen a 3D model. However, they were massively told off by a user to concentrate their effort rather into finishing the game than wasting their time with 3D meshes. After that, I haven't seen any 3D model resurfacing.
        The fighting game, as far as I remember was not accurately synchronised. It worked against Akira when I tested it, but something was not quite right.
        • Soham Banerjee There was never a 3D model.The pic about which you are talking was a 3D version of Maku on the background of Blue Mountain.
  • Antoniosan I'd be interested in getting my hands on any beta versions of the project. Maybe [24830,SimMan] could include it in an updated DVD release of Simgirls.
    • Soham Banerjee Thats a very nice idea.I hope [24830,SimMan] does it.But this version was never playable.
      It was more of a "preview only" where you can see but can't play.
    • Keiryu If i remember correctly our dear professor has every version there is.
    • Robin I remember this but I don't think anything of real value was ever created.
      • kotomifan I think the idea for a numerical interface for buying stuff came from them.
        • Soham Banerjee Yes,you are right. Thats the only thing came from them.
        • Robin Well, let me rephrase what I said.
          They had some good ideas, but nothing of real worth storywise was added. And everything that they did make for better gameplay has been added to the newer versions so there's little use in playing that fan version.

          I think they had some ideas about the fighting game as welll if I'm not mistaking by the way (but nothing finished).
          • Soham Banerjee Actually everything the fans did was NOT added in newer versions of SimGirls.More precisely,almost nothing was added.
            They were planning to give equal importance to all 6 girls,alongwith a full remake of the current features.Everything from talk-ask feature to dating...I wont be able to finish if I for the bulk purchase,yes SimMan did get the idea from the fan version

            As for other features,you can see my current & these posts to know only some of them:-