a tutorial for you...
  • SimMan she really l0oks like a pineapple
  • Keiryu Do i look like the kind of guy that needs tutorials like this? I can tiea lady up faster than she can say "Do me"...

    Hey don't judge me sometimes it's good to be kinky in bed and don't say you don't like it until you try it. ^_^
    • David bondage can be good to spice things up but the amount of preparation to get the rope ready for use isn't worth it.
      for those don't know what i mean read this http://tiedoutwest.com/2007/05/08/rope-preparation-and-care/ why it done is the person doesn't get rash mainly.
      • Keiryu I think it is very worth it especially if you partner enjoys it.S&M is not just about inflicting pain it is that fine balance of pleasure and pain which could drive anyone mad with desire. Trust me it is worth having your material in tip top condition for that. ^_^
        • David yeah i know s&m is more about trust than anything else also for S&M most people only do the soft part of it. as for pain it can become pleasure if do it right it too bad with S&M people think you want to hurt your partner.

          also i didn't know you have to treat the ropes i found out about that from a manga called Nana to Kaoru can be sexy and funny at times.
          also if your looking for a funny manga try Oretama the summary is this

          The fate of the world rests on one man's shoulders. Or, to put it more exactly, it rests on his balls.
          In a freak sealing accident the Queen of Terror is sealed into Satou Kohta's balls, thus preventing her from reigning destruction on the world. However, a lesser devil, Elyse, has been sent up to Earth to release the Queen at all costs. The only way to do so is to make Kohta ejaculate, and Elyse only has 30 days to do it.
          • Keiryu I know both manga's very nice to pass the time big fan of Nana to Kaoru too.

            And while the threatment of the ropes depends on the material it is usually always good to prepare it before any session not to forget your partner will thank you.

            I mean if you where hung by the balls with a rope you rather have smooth rope compared to a lose and gritty (Not sure if that is the right word...) one that clampers down on you and cuts/scratches your body.

            But yeah S&M is a fascinating i recommend anyone give it a try with someone they trust. It can not only deepen the bond you share but also bring new spice in a relationship...Not to mention all the kinky stuff you can end up doing. ;D