Poison Ivy #1
  • Magina Poster nice haha
  • Keiryu Actually before anyone get's the wrong idea.

    He did it right. THIS is what you call "Artistic Nudity" so no rule breaking involved.

    Now before anyone get's an even worse idea. I do NOT want to see you start posting a million of this picture featuring your fap material just because you think it will not be deleted.

    What he did was "ONE" post and i know how you all like to Spam post the moment you think it is ok. So before you do that be remembered that I will delete it without warning if i think you are spamming it.

    So a little bit of artistic nudity is ok...Just don't overdo it. ^_^
  • Kentaro nice use of the recently modified no nudity rule. nice pic.
  • simgirllover boobies
  • Keiryu I usually don't comment on posts like this.BUUUTT! I have to admit, this is some nice attention to detail. Respect to the Model, and the Make-Up Artist.