Anyone Agree? This is for all who want to participating actively to make SimGirls still the best
I have an advice for the sim girls dating game (all game). Why don't we make some competition to make a good character or like Re-design or something else like that? Let the SimMan decide and choose and we as the member will make and post our created character and style so this will be kind of reference for SimMan and Gamemaker
  • Jeremiah Jan Thanks for all who appreciating my advice. Hope i'll activelly helping all guy in blackspear here
  • Keiryu For anyone interessted in a little contest check this out.
  • SimMan Rules:
    - each member can submit unlimited characters
    - one character per post
    - all characters must be original
    - Blackspears agreed to insert the most-voted character (or more characters if they see fit) in the Simgirls series
    - participating members will give Blackspears the rights to use, modify and determine the final design/roles of all their submitted characters for Simgirls

    - at least one image of the character (images can be original or from other sources to help illustrating the concept); more images the better
    - detailed description of the character such as appearance and personality
    - the role you suggested the character to play in Simgirls
    - the reasons why the character is a good fit in the Simgirls Universe
    • Robin Maybe we should put this post or a new seperate post with the announcement + rules in the sticky posts (or whatever you want to call them) so as many people as possible will see them.

      • Keiryu Way ahead of you. ;D
        • Robin Nice post, but I meant giving him a fixed position up top so people who don't come on every day will still see it.
          • Keiryu I talked with SimMan about that we are gonna let it stay there for a while and then move it to the top few posts.
          • Robin It could be your post. I just meant letting it stay at the top of the page like the "rules: no nudity post" so as many people as possible will see it instead of letting it travel downwards after a while.
          • Keiryu No need i included a link in the description of the post SimMan asked someone to make.


            And i gave credit for the original idea.
  • SimMan ok I think we should come up with some basic rules. Can someone draft and post it here? Then we can all add to it.
    • Keiryu I can take care of that if you give me a little time.
      • SimMan very nice of you Keiryu I just quickly typed something see above please feel free to add and change things thanks!
        • Keiryu I am going to post a quick "Draft" just to see what you think. If you think it's good we use it if not it's back to the drawing board (so to speak).
  • Jeremiah Jan Or maybe we can make some new collumn page for sharing every handmade
  • Jeremiah Jan Let the storyline decide by SimMan. Next time i'll drawing. It's ok if get rejected for me just because unfitable reason hehehe. So shall we start it simman?
  • kotomifan I think you should at least be able to say how the new character fits into the current story. And since SimMan would ultimately draw the new character, the graphic can't be too complex- but it should be distinctive.
  • SimMan I think it is a good idea I can also insert the characters in the first Simgirls game... say a new girl. We can have a poll for people to vote for the characters as well.
    • Robin Oh right, I thought he was talking about SG Lovemore. For SG, this is actually an awesome idea :)
      • Keiryu Actually thought the same thing...

        But yeah i haveto agree seems like a nice idea if it is like that.
  • Jeremiah Jan The one will decide that want to get the character into the game is only SimMan
  • Jeremiah Jan That's it. Just drawing and share not the storyline but the character. I hope you make it great one
    • Keiryu Just saying nothing is set in stone just yet other then a certain few members (Namely Akira, Robin, Rang, Soham, Anna and myself) no one has a character and our characters where made by SimMan/Artists working on the game so yeah...

      However as i said if and only "IF" SimMan decides this would be a fun idea then yes i say everyone should go and draw a good character that "Might" be added.

      However it is still up to SimMan.
  • Keiryu Considering i already have a character...I see little to no reason to join such a competition. However i do think it is a good idea as long as it is a small character and not a story heavy one.

    Let's say a NPC that acts as shopkeeper or one that just gives random info on the girls.

    But it would have to be a "Storyless" character since the last thing the game needs is everyone sending in a bunch of wannabe Mega Playboys that get all the girls.
  • Jeremiah Jan This is just an opinion, besides we'll just doing like drawing contesting and share it. So anyone at least could posting something more useful than just an joke. No want to claim that joke sucks. Get it?
    • Chriskris Hmm, sadly not everyone is good with drawing.

      Example: I SUX WITH DRAWING. So I would skip it anyway.
      But I do want to have a character into the game too.

      So yea, the participation is for those who can draw...
      • Jeremiah Jan I also can't drawing but we can find someonec who can outside and maybe he/ she can help us.No reason to shy. Just give a try
      • SimMan maybe they can also use other images and text to describe their concept
        • Chriskris True, if you can't draw you just use other stuff to descripe your character.

          But if I want to be in a 'your' game. I don't want to be someone useless. Or you can meet me when you go shoppen cuz i'm just a random person that works there and say "It cost XX,XX Dollar. Thanks for buying."

          Atleast if I can be in 'your' game. I want to be a cool/funny character.
          It's not like i'm stealing the spotlight from the main character.
          But atleast let 'them' (the players) remember there is a character in the game that they also will remember!

          I'm a classmate/friend of the main character, i'm a perv. Get kicked/punched by every girl I want to get attention. I come up with stupid idea's to get attention from girls or I want to sneak into the girl change room. But fails and get caught.
          While everyone thinks i'm a stupid perv....

          In night times I do some secret works. :P
          And shows a different side of me. But the main character doesn't know about this nor any girls knows about this.

          That would be an awesome character.
          But ofc. this is only my fantasy. :P

          How I want it 'if' you ever ask 'us' (blackspear) fans to think up a character for you.
  • Kash Difficult as one could sue due to copyright reason....
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