Keiryu VS Round 2: Unknown: ???
Narrator: *Cough Cough* Hello is this thing on? *A faceless human looking male being in a fine black suit, talks into a microphone hanging in front of him.

Narrator: Oh it is. *The faceless being grabs the microphone and start speaking in a calm voice.* Shortly (More like a month) after his encounter with Fairy Tail. Our Not-Hero, has been transported to a strange dark place. He does not know where he is. Yet he knows one thing. He has to find a way home and reunite with his friends/minions. Yet a dangerous opponent is lurking in the dark. Will he make it out alive, or will he lose to this "Unknown" being.

Keiryu: WHoa WHOa WHOA!!! Hold on right there mister. Where the hell am i and what do you mean unknown? *Interrupts a man wearing mostly black, while pointing at the faceless being.

Narrator: *Turns to the man, with what could only be described as disbelief on his featurless face.* What the....Ho..How did you get in here?...This is my domain, no one should be able to enter it. *Answers the faceless being, a bit hesistant.*

Keiryu: *Looks at the faceless being in front of him, with a raised eybrow.* Really? I just used the door. But screw that, the hell do you mean unknown. Who am i fighting?

Narrator: *Looks at Keiryu, with his featurless face still showing a form of disbelieve.* Wha..........WHAT DOOR! I don't have a door. Hell nevermind that, this place is in another dimension. YOU should NOT be able to enter it especially with a door

Keiryu: *Points at the Narrator, whith an annoyed look in his eyes.*  Look buddy. I just walked into my bathroom to take a crap, next thing i know i am here...So yeah i know for sure it was a door...Now Where am i and who am i fighting?

Narrator: *Stars shaking as what seems to be rage.* What the...ARE YOU *BLEEPING* KIDDING ME!? HOW THE *BLEEP* DID YOU *BLEEPING* GET THE *BLEEP* INTO MY *BLEEPING* DOMAIN! NO ONE CAN ENTER MY *BLEEPING* DOMA...*Suddenly stops as he seems to realise something.* Ohhhh...That *BLEEP*. I am going to *BLEEPING* KILL HER! *Teleports away.*

Keiryu: *Scratched his head in confusion* ...Well that was....Strange.... *Suddenly realizes he forgot something.* WAIT A MINUTE! That bastard ran away without telling me who i am fighting...AND WHERE THE FUCK AM I!?

Creepy Voice: HahahahahaHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Soon..... 

Keiryu: *Looks around slightly confused.* ...The fuck was that...?


Who was the Narrator referring to? Who was that Creepy Voice? Who will our Not-Hero fight? But most important of all...WHERE THE FUCK IS HE?

Find out next time on. KEIRYU VS.....Or not


Question Time:

1. Question: Hey guys, little question for you all. Can you guess who the "Narrator" is supposed to be? It's quite easy, Buuutt i want to see if anyone can guess...Plus i want to see if you people read the descripions. ;D

Little help. "He wears a fine black suit and is very famous in his own right." 

2. Question: Who do you think is Keiryu "Unknown" opponent. 

Little Help: He has appeared here before in a couple of my posts and has great love for "INSANE" things. 


Good luck and hope you answer.

KEIRYU MASTER OF INSANITY...out. (Currently not sure where the fuck he is...)