Dragon Ball Z: Light of Hope - Pilot (youtu.be)
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-- Dragon Ball Z: Light of Hope - Pilot Episode--
SUBSCRIBE! Hope is worth fighting for. In Dragon Ball Z: Light of Hope, Gohan and Trunks fight against the unstoppable Androids #17 and #18 and try to save as many human lives as possible. The young Trunks must grow up quickly and learn from his mentor, Gohan; but with battles to fight on both the outside and inside, how long can they endure, and where will they find a light of hope? Subscribe, support and share if you want to see more episodes!

This series is an adaptation of “The History of Trunks” TV Special. In this timeline, Goku & the other Z Warriors are dead. This is the story of Gohan & Trunks in their battle to survive against the Androids.

Dragon Ball Z: Light of Hope is a non-profit, live-action Dragon Ball Z web series. It’s made by fans, & is not affiliated with or endorsed by the official license holders.

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Our goal is to bring the Dragon Ball world to life in a way that's never been done before, while staying true to the characters and story. We want to use this episode as leverage to make more episodes for this web series and other projects. So please help us out by sharing, commenting and liking! The more support we have, the more likely we are to do more Dragon Ball Z. We want to keep making DBZ content, and that’s only possible with your help!

Dragon Ball Z: Light of Hope
Directed by Donnie McMillin
Produced by Rita McMillin
Written by Derek Padula: http://thedaoofdragonball.com/
Tyler Tackett as Android 17: http://on.fb.me/1Lyzend
Amy Johnston as Android 18: http://www.amy-johnston.com/
Anton Bex as Gohan: https://www.facebook.com/antonbex
Jack Wald as Trunks: http://imdb.to/1ab8P3q
Ruthann Thompson as Bulma: http://bit.ly/1zcdPJV
Principal Crew
CG Artist/Creative Producer Gregory Hall: http://iamgregoryhall.com
Original Music by Abraham Castaneda: http://bit.ly/1GnV4cg
Action Director: Leo Kei Angelos: http://bit.ly/17qRq56
Cinematographer: Karyn Gabrielsen: http://imdb.to/18g1XkM
Editors: Andres Lopez, Lohan Buson, Donnie McMillin
Action Design by Creative Action Development: http://bit.ly/18h4KKq
Stunt Coordinator: Tim Storms: http://imdb.to/17qRaTQ
Fight Choreography: Lohan Buson: http://www.zteamfilms.com/lohan.html
Wire Team: Chris Yung, Taylor Ingram-Wildman
Visual Effects: Greg Hall, Lohan Buson, Donnie McMillin
Poster & Storyboards: Taylor Sterling: http://taylorsterling.com/

Executive Producer: Rita McMillin
Producers: Rita McMillin, Donnie McMillin, Lohan Buson
Creative Producers: Donnie McMillin, Gregory Hall, Rita McMillin, Lohan Buson
Co-Executive Producers: Stephen Bot, Anthony Stewart
Assoc. Producers: Shaun Hawksworth, Marshon Thomas

Japanese: Melanie Arayama
Polish: Wojtek Mikoś: http://dbnao.net/
Portuguese: Bruno Vinicius: http://www.dragonball-project.com https://www.facebook.com/DB.Projectt
Spanish: Antonio Sánchez-Migallón Jiménez: http://tinyurl.com/mdeof6u
French: Gokuda003 & Gokuyo http://www.dragonball-ultimate.com
Voice Cast:
Tim Neff as the Voice of Future Trunks
Aviano Marconi as Narrator
John Mark Triplett as Intercom Voice

The Dao of Dragon Ball: http://thedaoofdragonball.com/
Dragon Ball Insider: http://dragonballinsider.com/
Casa Do Kame - http://on.fb.me/1BikebZ
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1st A.D.: Paris Lay
2nd A.D.: Ashley Rosenberg
Production Coordinator: Sam Cubias
1st Assistant Camera: Mike Lemnitzer
2nd Unit 1st Assistant Camera: Heather Fannan
2nd Assistant Camera: Tom Raimondo
Sound Designer: Pete Cruz
Audio Mixer: Patry Thach
Boom Operator: Sary Thach
Makeup Effects: Brian Barnett
Artist & Set Decorator: Percy Isidro
Set Decorator: Charlie Pieper
Grip: Ronny Chea
Grip: David Bornstein
PA: James Miller
PA: Adrea Graun
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Capsule Corp Scientist: Wesley Marshall
Refugee Leader: Nick Koester
Refugee - Anthony Stewart
Refugee - Shawn Stewart
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Refugee - Jessica Para
Refugee - Allison Castaneda
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Refugee - Albert Justus
Refugee - Sam Cubias
Refugee - James Miller
  • David this is the web series of dbz history of trunks. and remind me of the street fighter assassin fist movie.