Tis is the final form of my draw ( Hope you understand cause i'm newbie and just only use pencil and eraser )
7th March
Golden Hair like Kise Ryouta (if you know KnB)
Blood type O
Body status just like Kotomi Tanakashi except his height 170 cm tall and weight 50 kg.

She is wild energic type, like playing tennis and also little tomboyish
She is like Blue, Pink, Gold and Green Colour, she doesn't like sports car because she hates glamour. She likes jogging, drink cofee in morning and surfing at evening
She also love playing in garden, but usualy like loning in night time because like watching full and crescent moon
( Please don't make her like gravure or something like that, cause I don't like HENTAI. I always playing pure love ending )
  • kotomifan I can't draw, so I give you props for doing the pencil/eraser route.
  • Kentaro very nice. i hope this one gets selected. ;]
    sad fact that i've drawn mine, but can't click a picture to upload since my phone has been grounded. ;p
    meh i'll scan from the nearby cafe then.
  • Jeremiah Jan His favorite food is vegetables, she doesnt like city life because she hates glamour and stress, she like You Raise Me Up song.
  • SimMan Yeah not bad at all for the first time, especially the shadings and reflections of the hair seem quite nice.
  • Keiryu I am glad to see you decided to make a non "H-Able" character very nice to see something like that. I also like your drawing for a first time i am very impressed.

    I would however hope to see you improve more on her character and add more information. But other than that it is very nice.

    Good luck. ^_^
    • Jeremiah Jan What information do you need?
      • Keiryu Not really information that i need more like i recommend you include more details about her.

        Things like Dreams, Background, Favorite Movies/Songs/Food/Drink etc...etc...

        The more you can add the better i say don't forget you have to be able to convince the members to vote for your character by making it as interessting as possible. ^_^
    • Jeremiah Jan Thank, next time i'll try with another move again