Simgirls Lovemore Fanart - Kei Takanashi
The last draft which Petra drew before discontinuing herself from Lovemore was Kei Takanashi.She is Kotomi's daughter & she was supposed to be a Ninja at that time.

I wonder if she will appear in Lovemore, since I haven't seen SimMan posting about her.

Artist : Petra
  • Keiryu A ninja as Kotomi's daughter makes sense she would have had interesst in atlhetics considering who her mother was. Plus that hair is long so i love her by default. ^_^
    • Soham Banerjee Yes,she is super fast due to her mother's genes.
      • Keiryu Not really going from genetics her. Just simple interesst children of parents who do a certain type of sport tend to get interessted in said sport by seeing the mother/father do it.

        For example every single one of Primero's child ends up interessted in fighting. Which makes sense considering their father was a "Street Fighting Champion" and they saw him fight for sure on more than one ocassion. If he did not train them himself of course...

        Of course that does not apply for every child but a lot end up like that. In turn if the Father/Mother was interessted in Art it's likely that the child will have an interesst in it and so on.

        Not really genetics but more pure curiosity and interesst.