Keiryu's Females...Levi Ackerman "Humanity's Most Powerfull Beauty"
After Eren we get Levi. Personally i always found "Her" to be kind of boring...

Yeah yeah fangirls i know you want to cut my balls and forcefeed them to me for that one. But let's face it "She" is not really that interessting compared to some characters.

But personal taste aside with long hair i find even "Her" interessting. ^_^

KEIRYU MASTER OF INSANITY...out (Currently trying not to get his balls cut by the raging fangirls...)
  • Chriskris I don't like "her".
    Neither do I like Eren.

    I watch SnK for Annie Leonhart & Mikasa Ackerman. Those 2 are much better, kawaii, kakkoii, Sexier. And they are special to me becuz even if they got short hair. THEY BOTH ARE FKING AWESOME!!!
    • Keiryu Well they have Medium hair at best. Also don't really care for either...Seriouslly most AoT characters are pretty boring. It's either the "Revenge" Type or the "Honor" Type. Or in Mikasa's case the "Crazy Strong Stalker" Type.

      I find the Titan's more interessting than the cast themselfs...

      But hey each their own. I would still not post those two since in my beauty corner only certain "Females" get posted. ^_^
      • Chriskris Don't worry.
        I will post them. :P

        They both are beautifull in my corner.
        And worth to get attention.

        BUT HANDS OFF!!!
        THOSE ARE MINES!!!
        • Keiryu Sure thing keep them. I prefer my ladies more on the crazy long haired trail anyway. At least over those that try to hard to be apathetic.

          Seriously those two are like the top of wannabe apathy users. They are not even that good at it. If you look at any "Apathetic" character like for example the mother of all Apathy characters Rei Ayanami you notice one thing. SHE NEVER SHOWS EMOTIONS!!!

          You can count in one hand the amount of times she shows emotions over the course of the show.

          Mikasa and Annie on the other hand try to hard but fail. Mikasa gets Angry every second episode and Annie...Well Annie actually nearly has it down but she ends up smiling to much over the course of the show.

          So honestly keep them. ^_^
          • Keiryu Rei was really just an example because she is pretty much the original "Apathy" character.

            Mikasa and Annie are trying to be the same only they fail at it.

            Also i do agree that Shinji is a wimp as main protagonist however i can see it from his point of view. He is not good at anything, his father does not care about him, he is forced to fight giant aliens in a giant mech and pretty much the fate of the world lies on his shoulders failure is not really an option.

            Honestly that is a lot of pressure to put on a 14 year old. Dude's balls have not even dropped and you want him to kill giant monster...Sure i hear people say that if they where in his shoes they would kick major a** and bang all the chicks...

            BUUUTT! those people are just talking out of their a** without having a clue. I think Shinji was pretty well portrayed as the character he is supposed to be. Which is a useless cowardly wimp without power. He is not like most Anime heroes that have Super Powers or awaken to some great destiny. He is just a wimpy kid who was abandoned for most his life...That would cause some serious issues in anyone...

            Still the whole fapping to a girl in a coma is still weird no matter what...

            As for Rei being boring that depends on opinion. Rei is considered one of the best female anime characters to date. And this so long after she originally came out. Not to mention she is still the "ORIGINAL" Blue haired apathy character. With the likes of Yuki Nagato and Tabitha coming long after her. So yeah opinion really.

            Also completly unrelated but Asuka is a bi*ch simple as that only good thing she actually brings is her long hair...

            But yeah each their own. ^_^
          • Chriskris Not a fan of Rei.
            And she was boring to watch.

            When we are talking about Neon Genesis Evangelion.
            Rei = boring
            Shinji = I don't even want to start talking about this idiot.
            My focus was on the Kawaii Tsundere Soryu Asuka Langley <3
            Damm, she belongs to me too. XD

            But why would I go over a emotionless girl? If I want a emotionless girl. I go for Chii (Chobits)
            Damm, if she start saying. "Hideki, you can do it."
            Damm imagine this ""Chris, you can do it." I feel a strong power and I KNOW I CAN DO IT!!!!

            But like you said. everyone have there own taste.
  • Keiryu Hmm i am kind of finding a patern...Let's see *starts writing something down* Oh yes...Yes i can see it. *Performs some sketchy experiment involving a monkey a lion and five trucks filled with beer* YES I GOT IT!

    All three i posted have long hair...Have to change it up soon.