This is my finished second draw. Hope you like it
Clara Sheeran
7th March (18 years old) dunno the zodiac
Golden Hair and Brown Eye
Blood type O-
B 86 W 57 H 86
170 cm tall and weight 50 kg.

She is wild energic type, like playing tennis and also little tomboyish. She is like Blue, Pink, Gold and Green Colour, she doesn't like sports car because she hates glamour. She likes jogging, drink cofee in morning and surfing at evening
She also love playing in garden, but usualy like loning in night time because like watching full and crescent moon.

Her background is orphaned girl who lost her family by accident when she was 12. So she must working as a singer cafe. Despite from the outside look, she is innocent type and only talking to someone whose she knows well.

In SimGirls Lovemore, she only friend with Dea and in DNA she only friend with Kotomi. She also dateable character, but at first will be hard like hell to make friend relationship cause she always refuse any present, but after revealing her history background when she watch full moon, she will be the best friend ever for boy and girl character ( Day 40 will be great time ). And the Lover status can get easily after watching second full moon for the boy. The ending will be the marriage propose from the avatar boy. ( My imagination, still SimMan take decide of it )

( Please don't make her be a gravure model, nude scene or something like that, cause I don't like HENTAI. I always playing pure love ending. I know the hand is suck so don't blame me cause still I'm not a pro manga maker )