Who likes coffee.... straight? Robusta or Arabica? Opinions please
  • Ebony to hell with coffee. it sucks
  • Kentaro nescafe. i don't know what are robusta or arabica XD
    • Kash Nescafe is a brand from Nestle, the biggest food outfit in the world.
      Coffea arabica and Coffea robusta are two plant species very alike which are collected and ground and finally end up in a Costas, Starbucks or Nescafe.
      Depending on your preferences you will get blends in different variation between robusta and arabica, however, there are also Purists who would never drink a blend and are sworn to upheld their unique taste of either robusta or arabica.
      • Kentaro believe me, you tried your best to explain- but i could get only a few points.:0
        • Kash http://www.nestle.com/

          That is the manufacturer of Nescafe.

          However, what is coffee? It is a specific part of a plant, gathered, dried, ground and socked in (hot) water for a specific time according to preferences. You can drink tea, like black tea and green tea, or white tea, which is all from the plant camellia sinensis.
          However, think like you black tea and rosmarine tea. two completely different plants give you both nice activating tone.

          • Kentaro and it's not diashobu. it's daijobu.
            It's spelled "daijoubu" (大丈夫) and does indeed mean "[subject] is okay/fine" or "is [subject] okay/fine?" depending on if it's a question or statement.

            To make it more polite, add "desu" (です) at the end if it's a statement (ie I'm okay), or "desu ka?" (ですか) if it's a question (ie Are you okay?)
            But it's not needed in an informal setting.
            AND MY REPLY- ' hai, genki desu!'
            and now i get the coffee detailing that has confused me. coffee that i drink for 5 INR a glass [ USD 0.081]