Any questions?
  • Keiryu Quite a few actualy....

    1. Who names their coffe "Fu**ing Strong Coffe?
    2. Why would someone name it that?
    3. Does the coffe imply it will let you f**k stronger?
    4. If question 3 is a yes then does it imply it has viagra in it?
    5. Why did you ask if we had questions?
    6. Anyone else think this coffe could go into the Wiz Kallifa song Black&Yellow?
    7. What do the colors taste like?
    8. What is the meaning of life?
    10: How many questions do you want me to ask?

    and the most important one.

    11. Why am i even asking this questions?

    Yep i think i got all out of my system...for now...
    • Kash 1. I acutally have got no clue.
      2. I actually have got no clue.
      3. I actually have got no clue.
      4. No. 3 is indifferent.
      5. I tried to engage people in a conversation which is considered to be polite on a board which lives because of said conversation. I really had no other hidden agenda.
      6. So far, you are the only one. But we know that your are a wee bit insane.
      7. You wouldn't believe me if I told you.
      8. The concept of a living entity characterized by capacity for metabolism, growth, reaction to stimuli, and reproduction.
      9. An illusion to some, a self-delusion to many, a spiritual being to a few, an ultimate creator or manupulator to true scientists.
      10. There is no specific requirement in the title.
      11. Because I was asking you to ask, which is sort of obvious - in hindsight wouldn't you agree?
      Any more questions?
      • Keiryu Hmm that answers about all i wanted to know.

        I have just one more question...What are we talking about anyway?
        • Squall I think we were originally trying to figure out whether or not this coffee was stronger than the stench of a college dorm yesterday? (For reference, today is 4/21/2015 here in the US... and 420 is code for something. I don't really get it.)
  • Squall Why does the coffee have color? Coffee of this strength deserves to be consumed with no further additives; darker than the pit of obscurity that Superman64 needs to be banished to.
    • Kash Not exactly sure what you mean. I need to google superman64. Must be an insider joke. But I am on it shortly.
      In terms of coffee and colour: Coffee beans contain flavones which mazerate if the menstruum iis of watery quality. Thus the watery solvent may change colour depending on its starting poing. If you take clear tap water, it has to turn yellow darkish depending on how long you mazerate the beans.
      You can expect coloured coffee insome of the big chains, but I believe that Starbucks actually does not colour their coffee.....They rather put a lot of sugar on it.
      • Kentaro there ya go again XD
      • Squall Superman64 is one of the worst games I've ever had the misfortune of playing. Coffee (at least here) tends to be black until you dilute it with milk/sugar. There are certainly some coffee beans that will produce a lighter but the prevailing stereotype is the darker the stronger. Is it accurate? No idea, I don't drink coffee.
        • Kash Thanks for the Superman64 info.
          I don't know if darker means stronger. But from a constituents point of view, there are the tannins and the alcaloids which are associated with the "strongness" of coffee. Both are obviously subject to increased extraction based on the infusion duration but also depend on the roasing factor which splits up cell walls of coffee beans - which again allows for faster extraction rate.
          Thus, one can assume without having done a clinical trial, that darker probably correlates with stronger :-)
          Sorry for stressing the naturalist's point of view. It's all the communities fault :-)
  • kotomifan Yeah. Where's my refill?
  • Kentaro none. but i like coffee to be motherf--kin' strong, the way it's meant to be. XD