Gabriela Florez: The Colombian Flower
Name: Gabriela Florez (she uses her mother’s last name)
Nationality: Columbian
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Height: 1.63m
Weight: 62 kg
Breast Size: B-Cup
Hair Color: Dark
Hair Length: Long, pony tail
Job/Profession: Computer scientist

Gabriela Florez grew up in the Columbian slums. She’s the youngest and only daughter in a very big family. Her brothers and fathers were all small-time criminals. After the dead of two of her brothers at a drug deal that went wrong, her father (Rodrigo Garcia) became an alcoholic. Sadly for her mother Isabella Florez, he was the mean kind of drunk. Whenever her father started yelling at her mother, Gabriela locked herself up in her room and escaped from this violent and illogical reality to the logical world of computers. 

Rodrigo yelled at her mother all the time and even hit her sometimes but Isabella stayed with him because she always hoped things would go back to the way they used to be. Then one day, Gabriela’s computer burned out after 10 years of extensive use. When she cried because she just lost “her alternate reality”, her father got annoyed and in his drunk mood hit her. That was the last drop for her mother and she fled with Gabriela that very night. She knew she had to get as far away as possible or he would come after her but she didn’t have enough money for two people to travel very far so she used it all for a one-way ticket to Japan for Gabriela while she would stay behind and find shelter wherever she could. Gabriela swore she’d earn enough money to come and get her mother and finally give her the life she deserved. 

Sadly, when she finally reached Japan she discovered that despite her amazing skills nobody would hire her without a proper degree. So she eventually started working as a cleaning lady, but it hardly paid enough to support herself let alone bring her mother here. 
But one day she discovers a little spy camera while cleaning and was so intrigued by it, she decided to track where it came from. Using a library computer she was able to track the signal to The Mystic Shop. When she entered and asked around, Sana responded she had never seen it in her life. Disappointed she left the store and went home. But in front of her apartment she found a little green doll with a recorded message: “Meet me at the slums”. Scared, but intrigued she decided to go and that’s where she met a man named SimMan. When she told him how she tracked the signal with so little means, he realized her potential and he hired her to work in Mystic Shop's computer HQ. She’d only have to work, let’s say about another 100 days :p, to earn enough to bring her mother to a good life in Japan. 

Possible storylines: 
1) Dateable 
The player meets her when she’s replacing a broken spy camera in the school. 
Initially she’s pretty shy and covers up her whole body because she’s so used to hiding herself but after getting to know the player better, she gradually opens up and eventually comes beautifully dressed to their first real date. (and later he undresses her and she became even more beautiful :p)

Possible storylines include her father/brother coming to Japan to find her or her having to go back to Columbia to get her mother. In the first case, you’d have to hide her in your home as a part of a relationship level up where she sees her brother and asks you to hide her until he leaves. While hiding she explains how she got here and everything. Nearing DAY 100, she tells you she has enough money and has to go back to Columbia to find her mother. If you choose her, SimMan finds and brings her mother over as her Prom present (or you do something for him to make him do that).  

2) Character with some story
You see her when replacing a spy camera and you follow her to the Mystic Shop. Intrigued you go inside, but Sana won’t let you go back until you collect everything for her. 
Once you can go to the back of the store, she gives you some extra things to do (like for example install a camera in the girls lockerroom -> possible scene with some other girls) and if you impress her enough, you might get lucky :p Or maybe after you meet her, she tells you who she is and when you go back outside her dad is standing outside the store ready to enter. You stop him (fight) -> Maybe you get lucky :D

I've added some pictures, but I'm colourblind so don't blame me if anything colourrelated is off. I just wanted to sketch an image of her. Couldn't get the blue out of her hair either but it's good enough I guess :)

All feedback is welcome, although I doubt I have enough time to change anything since I even had to make this post sitting on the toilet :D
Damn you school and work!

* All her bio-data like height, etc. are completely made up and can be changed. I just chose them randomly.
* The possible storylines I made up were destined for SG1, but with some adaptations in her background she can be used in a later SG too...
  • kotomifan Great pic. Intriguing story. And I like this trend to characters that fit the story, but at the same time, make us rethink the story. What does SimMan need cameras for, who put them there, and who fixes them?
    Question:what would be the path from meeting her to dating her? And where would you hide her if you're already hiding Karin (or would that part go away?)
    • Robin Well, when I said hide her I just meant you take her to your place. She doesn't have to live in the basement to be hidden.

      Like I said, I didn't have a sea of time so I haven't thought everything through, but I'll try to give some more explanations later. Now I've got to go though :p
  • Soham Banerjee I think a girl inside the VIP Room of Mystic Shop would be a great addition.
    But the problem is with Sana's current storyline in 6.6,it might be problematic.
    Maybe she can work on part-time basis.
  • Kentaro awesome character robin. the you way put the storyline makes your character soo intriguing...
    she has past in slums..maybe can relate to monack in some weird way. ;p just kidding relax
    and hey you found the tool =D
  • Keiryu I actualy like it...Yeah it's nothing that goes overboard and it is very well explained unlike many others i have seen so far. It also has various scenes so that is a plus.

    So far one of the best characters i have seen...Not bad Nemesis...Not bad at all.
    • Robin I've been quite curious if someone would make your idea of a little sister or something come alive. That could be quite interesting as well. I wanted to steal it at first, but kind of hoping you'd still join, because we all know little sisters can be annoying and crazy. So it has to be you :p
      • Keiryu Sadly i am pretty sure i won't make a character i do hope there will be one like that as in a "Non-Dateable/H-able" Little Sister character who you take care of maybe even have to take in.

        But how most people here create the character which is way to focused on them trying to be main characters i just don't see it happen.
        • kotomifan But doesnt Karin fit the dependent role, as you have to stockpile coffee, tissues, and medicine to keep her alive? And how would Primero keep his sister OUT of the cellar during that time?
          • Keiryu It id not necessary for her to be his actual little sister i was referring to a little sister type character. She does not have to live with him but maybe she get's angry at her parents and Primero/Player decides to take her in for the night.

            Stuff like that the possiblities are endless you just have to see it from diffrent angles.

            Also you would be suprised by how easy you can keep someone in the basement without anyone noticing...Just saying not really hard especialy since it it a known fact that Primero's basement is pretty much empty that gives people little reason to go down there.

            Ami for example who as his childhood friend pretty much walks in and out of his house like she owns the place never once visits the basement.

            So yeah many ways to explain it.
          • Robin True, you're right. It might get a bit too full in there, although you could live by yourself because it's closer to school and your sister just visits you from out of town at some point.
          if you can, edit the pos and make her non-h able. and younger in age.
          • Keiryu I can edit her if you give me exactly what you want to put in. If i edited her and put whatever i wanted in it i could just go ahead and have created it myself.
        • Kentaro couldn't agree more on this one. =D
      • Kentaro are you asking for his character lili anderson?
        if yes, she materialized long ago:
        though i still am willing to modify her a bit.
        • Robin No, I was talking about someone else. I've already seen Lili.
          Or maybe I just misunderstood what he meant at the time :p
          • Keiryu No no you where right the Little Sister character i had in mind and Lili are two diffrent characters. Mostly because Lili was an Example character with which i tried to prove a point that you don't need to create a main character to make a good character.

            So yeah two totally diffrent characters i still hope someone makes a little sister character without it becoming some kind of pedo fetish.
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