It will happen...soon...yea.
  • Robin I actually use this all the time :p

    Almost every job needs at least a little math, maybe not as advanced as this but math nonetheless.
    • Kentaro yes, emphasize on that point ya know. some advanced maths formulas can make a students life hell.
  • Kentaro it will neva happen..... unless u r a scientist in your lab....but still close to everything has already been found out....the founders found it, gained fame, and bailed it upon us poor student's young head to figure this shit further...
  • Keiryu Have to agree with Ultra here you might not use it but other people use it on a daily basis to bring you stuff that you use on a daily basis so indirectly you are using it every day.
  • Ultrapoto do you play videogames? do you watch movies with cgi? do you use computers?? they would not exist if it wasnt for algebra