• kotomifan Aww...look at baby Godzilla and his snowglobes of Tokyo. Someday, my son.

    Anyway, happy birthday.
  • Robin Somehow Shenlog looks less impressive in person :p

    Anyway, I wish you a happy birthday :)
  • Ebony LOL NICE!
  • Keiryu Still let me also wish you a happy birthday sadly unless your wish involves being sacrificed to me i probably wont be able to fullfill it...Still Happy Birthday. ^_^
    • xRen I just want a bag of peanuts and simgirls xD
      • Keiryu Simgirls is a gift only SimMan gives while the peanuts is something i do not deal in...Unless they explode...Wait exploding peanuts....exploding nuts.....nuts...balls....Exploding Balls.....If you excuse me i have some...SCIENCE to do....