This is picture showing what and whom i imagine to be the real blackspears seniors!
PS.- This is a members only club. All real blackspears helpers and simman [helpers; akira kudo, tomoko s. already are real blackspearers.
this post is memoir of the blackspears members who have helped a lot!
P.S- [too much haha] Do I also have or deserve a place in this list??? comment and let me know!

  • ℟angßøømeՐ I would classify myself.. as a "ghost" sometimes. Now you see me...and now you don't. ----

    Besides that, I Am like MANY others before me... a REAL VETERAN. Not only placing content, also time spent. But being involved was more important to me than anything else, as much as I could.. I am not singular nor am I perfect. TRUTH, I'd like my post, but never Alone. This copying and pasting and who did it...gets old. This is a sharing network...what makes this place so special? Us. Not I or Him. what matter most is what we do with our time...everything else is second nature.
    • Keiryu Now i disagree. I make this place very special. We would only have half the mindf**k if i was not around.
      • ℟angßøømeՐ I heard a We. WE lol .. but yea pretty much I agree. You're an exception what most would call 'normal' now-n-days. However. we are that 1% (DONT SAY ANY MORE;).. without that. I guess this place would have been...I say.. -another- SG fan site. In other words, with just one purpose. N Tbh, I wouldn't have lasted long if the community wasn't so diverse and involving. My prayers and blessings to #anyone #everyone #blackspears #SimMan...the f**king holy ground IIIIII stand on. ^.^
  • Soham Banerjee I will be honest in my opinion.,you don't deserve to be a Blackspears veteran & I dont see rang here because he mostly liked 80% of his own posts.

    All of us who have reached this position is there because we have some uniqueness in us & our posts.
    But you are trying too hard to be one of the veterans.
    There is no uniqueness in your posts,you steal others's ideas.You are just posting everything...

    You first liked your own posts, then copied my ideas in your lovemore memes,then you changed your name copying [65583,Keiryu] ,then his idea of Cards etc. Not to forget the pdf copy of SG Comics.

    I have also seen that you mostly over-comment on your post & all posts of SimMan .
    [65583,Keiryu] gained a position due to his witty comments.But you are trying too hard,always...
    The person who deserves this position is [50409,kotomifan] ,again due to his uniqueness.

    Now to each its own.There is nothing wrong in these,but in my opinion you aren't not a veteran.You can be the most active member.
    • Keiryu Rang liked his own posts that much is true but he did stop later on and he had some interessting comments which one can not ignore not to mention while he was a Mod he did do his job in a fair way so i say he does deserve his positon here.

      As for the rest of your comment i have to agree Kotomifan is by far one of the most "Unique" members we have here however he is not quite a "Veteran" he has been only around for a short time compared to you, robin and many others (Who where active on a daily basis).

      But the rest you hit the nail pretty much on the head Kentaro tried to hard which i mentioned before too.
      • Soham Banerjee Thanks. I was just being honest,which I love always :)
        As for kotomifan,what I actually meant is that he is one of the important contributors here.
        Don't know if you need to be very old to be a veteran (I don't want to be old LOL).
        • Keiryu Well when i say "Old" i mean more in the sense that the person has been here for a long time. Anything that is more than 1-2 years would be considered a "Veteran" in my book then again that is just me it really depends on the person.

          But yes he is one of the most important contributors and if we go by that alone then he deserves to be called a "Veteran".
    • Kentaro ehm... ya probably i can be the most active..
      some things you told are correct, but i have arguments to gun down a few points there.
      rang liked his posts, i am not sure. but hey you are longer here than me, so i think it's wise to believe you.
      and trust me, that me being veteran was just joke. in fact i don't even think i am a rookie.
      and yes, i admit like every other newbie out there, i liked my posts. haha but i later realized this mistake and unliked them.
      and yes i admit the original thing - that whoever's is the original idea- i give them due credit for it.
      for ex.- i give keiryu original idea credit in my sg character creation contest entry.
      and lovemore memes, i didn't do that intentionally. though i perfectly acknowledge your ideas, but i hope that dosen't mean i can come up wwith something different in the same context.
      for example, keiryu made cards with a lot of game-like features. but i tried my best to keep cards minimalistic and slick.what my idea was. i give him all due credit and respect for his cards, my intention was not copying them, but suggesting my style.
      actually i was thinking a soham card, but i was afraid that once again professor may give me 0 marks haha.
      changing my name- you see soham, that had concerns with online identity protection and privacy concerns- since i have so many enemies [real ones] i must limit my identity everywhere. see my facebook account if you don't believe so.
      i must admit, kotomifan is one of the best. but this list i created of the oldest members too, and i am working on another list- where i will be working on the most unique members like kotomifan, chriskris, mara, kash, and many more....
      well when it comes to commenting and replying, i realize i over did it. especially with comment-wars with keiryu, but still....
      and hey please beleive me i was just joking. i consider myself level with all newbies, and i try my best to maintain mutual respect.
      as for missives, and facebook jokes, i fing them funny, so i share them....
      pretty much everyone here loves comment wars, so....
      ok, i think i rest my case, admitting my mistakes, and presenting careful justifications to the points which i don't agree.
      anyways, i make these for fun, i have no intention of copying anyone.
      and yes, will you please comment on this one- [not for points haha]
      also stay active a while longer, i actually made up a cartoon series for blackspears.i am uploading it.
      • Soham Banerjee Well, your actions don't match your words. For someone who is so afraid of enemies shouldn't post their fb profile link here,as anyone can recognize them.
        As for giving credits,it doesn't matter,since you never took permission from us.
        Moreover, I mentioned it to say that you copied the whole ideas,instead of getting inspired & I failed to see any uniqueness in them. Just calling yourself "Master of So So" is a good example (even that is copied). Also stealing ideas can't be a fun,unless one gets sadistic pleasure.
        I don't know if you being a veteran was just a joke, but from your actions I have realized that you are trying hard to be one.
        As for over & un-necessary commenting,I must say "Actions speak louder than words".
        We already have 1 Keiryu here & we don't need his copy/shadow.

        As I mentioned above,I gave my opinion so I don't except anyone to agree/disagree with me.
        • Kentaro well also fb profile links, i hit them here by a serious mistake.... that time i had no idea that these 6-8 months would totally hurl my life around...enemies are recent, not too old..
          last line you said isn't a must that everyone should agree

          well to be precise keiryu kind of didn't mind,, the cards idea. to be frank it reminded him that his was getting obsolete.[no offense please]

          and the lovemore memes.if it is needed, i apologize, since i made them unaware of the fact that you had some.

          and yes that .pdf....i almost missed that point you stated...hey, i am not copying it the way you meant it...seriously you take things wrng way...i mean, i just was testing a new tool, and a pdf would be convenience...well if simman dosen't mind i don't see a reason to it .... why you accuse me of 'copying' there...o.o

          i just state that i apologize wherever it's my mistake, but their are certain arguments presented which i don't agree to, but i must defend my case.

          calling each other or oneself master of so so... it's just joking, or rather spicin up forum, having fun. i don't know why but i feel activity levels going down.

          sometimes i wonder professor, what part of your demeanour makes you take jokes sooo seriously. calling self master or god is just in good plain fun. good joke. timepass. since with such populations and poverty it is not viable to be a god ;p

          just joking, you take them far too seriously.... o.o

          i said this before, i say it now, i don't consider myself any veteran. it's kind of a joke.
          trying to be active and get involvement dosen't mean i want to become veteran, taekover or anything....
          • Keiryu [25033,Soham Banerjee]

            Perfectly said i know how much people hate overly long comment (One of the reasons i always make them...Well that and i tend to get sidetracked and ramble a lot...)

            On that matter with the SG Character Creation Contest i have the same opinion (Which is why i deleted his comment and later on my own amongst a few others after having read the part where it said that).

            Like i always say certain rules should be followed especialy since we only have a few that are not even that hard to follow...

            Other than that you already explained the whole "Copycat" which i also explained before while true that i call myself by various titles (Master of INSANITY, Master of LOVE and one time God of INSANITY.)

            I do it mostly because i feel like it. Not because i expect people to call me by said title people only started calling me that after a lot of time and even then it is less because of popularity and more because it is simply how i am.

            I never tried to hide that i was a INSANE bastard (It's in my description...) I just let it out into the open and people accepted it.

            Did i think it would go this far? Hell NO! Do i enjoy my role? You can bet your a** i do.

            But like i said people did not like me because i was "The Master of INSANITY" that is just a title i gave myself. To most i am simply that one guy named Keiryu who screams INSANITY in almost every sentence and likes making long a** comments and silly bad puns some usualy with a darker sense of humor.

            As i said before Kentaro you just need to find your role and stay true to it because as it was shown before you try way to hard to change your own role going from "Geek" to "Winged Geek" to "King" to "Master of Geeks" to "God of Geeks" back to "Master" this time of "Sanity" and so on.

            You just don't stick with one you keep changing way to much and the last one simply made you a copy of me as i have said before and Soham now has said too...

            I don't really mind but as i said you try to hard and in the end you just don't stay true to your own self.
          • Soham Banerjee I don't take jokes seriously.But it is annoying & irritating to see self obsession forcefully being put on SimMan's posts over & over again (not to mention they didn't make me laugh & its tiring to read long comments of 500 chars).
            You can worship yourself on your own posts,but why use 80% of posts to just self praising.
            1 good example from which you can learn is that SimMan never called himself the God of flash dating sim.

            Even on the SG CC post,you started over-commenting...doing stuff like Thanking everyone...I failed to understand that its clearly mentioned not to use that post for irrelevant comments!!!
            Except Keiryu,no one calls them Master of So So here.So,its a straight cut copy.You are definitely a copycat:- The pdf idea was copied by you,or else it can't be a co-incidence that the day I suggested it,the next day you posted it & very strategically,you replied to me after that only.
            You may try to act over-smart but there is always someone smarter than you.
            And its not about if a member minds of copying their ideas,its about one's ethics & values.
            Lastly,I don't like over-commenting so if you want to say something,you can just PM me.I wont reply here.
          • Keiryu Kentaro is right in the part of the card and the SG character i said i did not mind i mostly start things because they have caught my attention at the time the card happened to be one such thing but he did give me credit (After i called him out on it). ´

            While i still don't agree with him copying me on the "Master So and So" self given title it is less for him copying my title but more because i disagree with him staying true to it.

            I have proven time and time again why i am the Master of INSANITY while Kentaro sadly tends to act more like me (Going of on INSANE ramblings) instead of staying by his "Sane" title as he should.

            However i don't really mind that either i enjoy seeing the community be active it is fun to see something like that.

            But other than that i agree with Soham he said pretty much everything that was wrong with you trying to hard to become a "Veteran" something that does not mean really much if i am honest...

            But in the end the most important thing he pointed out was one thing and ONE thing only.

            "We don't need any more Keiryu's." One of me is more than enough.

            BUTT then again i enjoy anything that bring entertainment to just have fun and let's enjoy ourselves.
  • Keiryu Thanks even though both me and Rang came after many other people.

    Not to mention Rang my beloved Kohai of INSANITY is still MIA and will probably not be coming back anytime soon if ever.

    But other than that there are still a few more i would add like Anna who was before your time and Chriskris who helped quite a lot especialy with his forum game ideas.

    Other people who are also most before your time include T.L Asteras, Subs and even Sarah Anderson who while less active has had some very interessting comment.

    That is of course just to name a few there are many many more.

    But yeah i can see what you mean since the five above seem to be the most active for the longest.

    Me and Robin with our comments, Soham with his SG posts and Rang, Natsu and Antonio with a mix of interessting posts.

    So all in all first actual good list i have seen where i can't complain with the result.

    As for you deserving a place on the list not quite sure you are very active but a bit young/new compared to everyone above but you certainly are heading there if you ask me.
    • Kentaro I tried hardest not to add MIA MEMBERS,but rang simply can't be left out.And so I think the rumours about rang are true.
      I am going to add anna, chriscris, sarah, and many more soon. But in another list. Any ideas what I should name it?
      And me in this list- well that was intended as joke- but ihope that day isn't too far away? maybe i've completed my 1st year here?
      • Keiryu I think you have been around for more or less 8-10 months if i remember right then again i am to lazy to check.

        Still it is less times than some of the members here who are now mostly MIA other than.

        As for the other list no clues name it whatever you want really most of the older members are now MIA while a few still ocasionaly comment/post the better part has been away for a long time.
  • Antoniosan Thanks. Really made my day.