CG Series Simgirl
Hi guys. Who is in with me to order a CG series of Tomoko...
All possible positions of oral and anal sex with Rujji in the Love Hotel room!
I would like to find co-financers to propose to Simman:)
  • Gurock sexxy
  • SimMan somehow I don't know what to say about this.
  • TomokoFan would be great
  • Wei Please think about this scenario:Player get a good job turn little bit rich. Player get Tomoko lots of gift and love. Then, Tomoko fall in love with her boy friend ( player), and rejected Rujji. Then, her boy friend ( player) get a scholarship for one year training in a famous foreign university. The player and Tomoko kissed goodbye in airport. The player plane takes off, Tomoko gets into a luxury car with Rujji. In fact, Rujji's private fund financed player's one year study, and Tomoko's new film...

    Rujji and Tomoko naked on a huge bed. This is the first night of Tomoko, and she insist to keep technical virginity for her boy friend. Lucky Rujji is able to enjoy virgin's blowjob... After cum eating, his huge cock start anal penetration...

    Who wants to see this CG series?!
    • Keiryu Why do i feel like i have read that very same scenario before... [50409,kotomifan] did you not propose the same idea before...? o.O

      But yeah unless you can do all on your own i would not expect it anytime soon if ever...
      • kotomifan Well, SimGirls minus Primero = DNA2 again, so that's why I havent done that. I did do a Tomoko-Ryuuji scene in the female-Primero series, but at the pool, not the hotel. And why Ryuuji, or why JUST Ryuuji? Why not a beachfront or Blue Mountain photo shoot that gets...dirty? The possibilities!
        • Keiryu I knew i saw that somewhere before.
          • Keiryu [168655,Wei]

            I can't find that scenario so you are in luck plus it's been a while and as long as you don't post it one after the other it is not considered abuse.

            I was more curious where i saw this before than anything else.
          • Wei I posted the same scenario before,,, sorry for abuse...
    • kotomifan If you can do the graphics, post it. If you can't, just do a fanfic, and let our imaginations do the rest!
      • Wei What is a fanfit please:)
        • kotomifan It's a new story involving one or more characters of an established story. Take your scenario: Ryuuji's arranging for Primero's scholarship so he can have some love hotel time with Tomoko. That's a fanfic. Now here's an outline of how that scenario might happen - take each setup, and just add some dialogue.
          First scene: Ryuuji gets mad that Tomoko now dating Primero, and he imagines them having sex.
          Second Scene: Primero comes over to Tomoko with great news. While he's there, they do it, but after, she is sad.
          Third scene: Ryuuji sees Tomoko in school, pretends not to know, invites her for tea/ soda/ ice cream/ whatever
          Fourth scene: "I would never leave you..." and other quasi romantic stuff to get her to agree to love hotel
          Fifth scene: etc, etc, etc.
          For some examples, see:
          • Wei Anyway, It's not acceptable that Tomoko loves Primero and Ryuuji both... Tomoko loves only Primero. But Ryuuji has Primero's documents for scholarship application, some of them , fake! While he gives Tomoko the copies of the fake papers, he also brings another news: He will be the producer of Tomoko's first important audition...
          • Wei Ok, Thanks a lot!!!!! I will make this fanfic asap!
        • SimMan a story expressed in words only?
  • kotomifan She looks chilly. I should warm her.