Two years of SimGirls Black Collection DVD
SimMan announced "Reward Points Program" on May 2013.
Me & Robin were the first to reach 600 points, even before the DVD was Ready!!!
I even made a Sneak Peak of the DVD, after its contents were announced & its featured in
The first reward we received was SimGirls 5.6 e-copy...
We received the Physical copy of the DVD on 18 June 2013. Today, I suddenly realized its been 2 years!!!
I remember filling up an "Air Mail Form" for the DVD.
I feel lucky as well, since I was one of the 2 members who have the Physical Copy of the DVD,along with Robin.
This DVD is the only Air Mail gift, which I have received in my life.
A big Thank You to SimMan for the DVD.

  • Antoniosan I want a hard copy. :(
      • Antoniosan I agree with Robin. Besides, I always like to have copies, both digital and physical.
        • Soham Banerjee Where were you at May 2013?
          • Robin You're right. I already forgot the whole parents problem.

            [25033,Soham Banerjee]
          • Soham Banerjee [25669,Robin] It does matter since SimMan had a plan of sending physical copy even after 2 months of releasing the DVD.
            So, he could have asked him about it.After 2 months, the physical copy reward was removed from the website.
            In the online copy,he even send a particular ext. file so that it can be used to make the DVD Label...
            I also remember that none of the members actually wanted the physical copy at that time, since they were all worried that their parents might receive the package & open it. There was a lot of discussion about it.

            Its not that SimMan didn't wanted to send it, but i guess due to the discussion & shipping costs, he decided to make it an online download only.
            Even though he said he sent us for testing purpose, it was actually not since all contents were working properly.
          • Robin Doesn't matter where he was. SimMan simply wanted to try sending it out back then and we 2 were his test subjects because we were the only mods.
            Nobody else got it besides us.
          • Antoniosan If I was registered here back then, I probably wasn't posting much. I had many other things in my mind then.
      • Robin It's always more fun to have something physical I think. What would be more impressive to your friends: "Here's my superhot girlfriend in bikini!" or "Here's a picture of my superhot girlfriend in bikini!"
        Both get the job done, but it doesn't have the same effect.
        • Kentaro Of course, I know what you mean. something * "physical" *
          ;-) 3:)
        • Soham Banerjee Well, I understand what you say.But if you see, both things are poles apart.
          The main reason I asked this is because ultimately we all copy files from DVD & play them,instead of putting it on the drive each time.
          Another reason is that why does he want it after so long ?
          If you consider humans, then of course I prefer a real partner over an online partner.
          Any relationship online just doesn't give That satisfaction.
          • Robin I wasn't talking about the relationship part, but more about the fact that if it's a physical "collectible/reward" it's more fun to show off with. You can stall it out somewhere, physically hold it, ... It's the same reason people buy expensive versions of things when cheaper versions exist that do the same thing. They just don't give you the same feeling when you have it. It's not just about functionality.

            Well, can't really explain it and maybe it's just a Western thing :p
  • Kentaro Yeah Professor, tease us newbies some more! :p
    • Soham Banerjee Well, I don't know why you deleted your comment, but I will answer your questions :-

      1) Its not a Tease, since no one is getting the physical copy ever, unless they pay for the shipping cost. Its sharing a precious memory & lots of it associated with it.

      2) The observation of liking self comments was good, but you are wrong again.
      When this site was created,there was no like button for comments. Instead, there was "^" button for Thumbs Up & the opposite for thumbs down.
      If anyone would make a comment, they would automatically get 1 in ^.
      When that option was modified after 5-6 months, the ^ became Like.
      For this reason, you will see every member has liked their own comments in early posts,including SimMan.
      Me & [25669,Robin] were the most honest members that time. We made sure we wont like our posts, just to give each other points, unless we really like them.
      Moreover, by the time the DVD was made, we already had 700 points ( it was 600 at that time).

      After the removal of ^ button, I liked my comments in 5-6 posts. But after robin made me realize my mistake, I unliked them all & my points were decreased.

      So,get your facts right before putting allegations, next time.
      • Keiryu I call BS...Get it "BS": ;D

        Anyway as i was saying i call BS on Robin having made you realise i was the one who made him realise not to like his own stuff...Heck i was the one who made everyone realise for that matter not once have i liked my own Post/Comment which makes me the most honest member here.

        So i am the most "Honest" Member here...Holy s**t i am the most honest member here...We are fu**ed...o.O
        • Soham Banerjee You are definitely honest...I was talking about that time...
          We never liked our stuff..the comment liking was auto generated...
          If we would liked our stuff, then we would always be in Top 2
          • Keiryu I know i just like pointing out the fact that i am the only person (Old Members) who has never liked his own stuff.

            You know how much i like to point stuff like that out. ^_^
      • Robin I've liked a couple of my own posts if it was a really special occasion like for example getting this DVD, but that's about it. Well, that's actually the only post I can remember.
      • Kentaro i apologized to robin, so cut it.
        he told me in an pm, so i too realize my mistake just as yu did. ;)
        • Keiryu Let me end this argument in the easiest way i can. Or at least throw some more body parts into the fire...Either one works for me. ^_^

          [25033,Soham Banerjee] problem is not that you accused and then apologized his problem is that you accused without a reason and then have the "Nerv" to apologize. Which he is right you tend to do a lot.

          As he said. You say stuff and then after arguing and noticing that you can't win say "Oh i was just joking."

          You can't say stuff like that without wanting people to get pissed at you. You either avoid saying it. Or do it like me and actually are right when saying it....

          Which let's face it the "Keiryu = INSANITY = All = Keiryu is always right even when wrong" Logic always will apply to me. :D
        • Soham Banerjee Again you are acting over smart. You accused me as well.
          Your comments are making the posts off are harmful for this community.
          • Kentaro again you take things wrong way.
            all i said was- 'i could not find anything about you'
            does not mean i accused you- instead means i know for sure you are a good member,
        • Soham Banerjee I would not like to waste my time, making you understand. You do such things daily & then say sorry. You don't learn from previous mistakes.
          Moreover, if you are publicly accusing 2 persons, you should have the courage to apologize publicly as well...instead of PM
          • Kentaro i apologized publicly as well.
            i did not accuse you, btw. i deleted my first comment realising it was incorrect, and apologies were in the replies, so they too were deleted.
            besides, the person i innocently accused does not mind so much. he forgave me. why kick up such a fuss?
        • Soham Banerjee Your mistake is putting allegation without knowing the facts. you need to cut it.
          If you have any complain against points, please tell SimMan to reduce our points.
          • Kentaro soham, it was clear i was mistaken. -_-
            and i apologized about it too. what bones now?
            and allegations, i realized my mistake, apologized as well. but iwas not to blame really- as you know, relative to you guys i am new. robin corrected me. end of it. why admonishment like this?
  • Keiryu You forgot the "Thumbs Up" gesture [25669,Robin] proved how important that particular gesture is. ;D

    Still have my own "Copy" just never cared much for the physical form...Probably a good thing too since my CD reader is busted...

    But wow been quite some time now i am amazed.
  • Robin Wow, this takes me back. Didn't realize it had already been this long. Time flies when you're having fun on blackspears or should I say freedomwall now :)
    • Soham Banerjee Yeah. I still remember the early days.We two were the most active members.The others were not that active.All of us used to have long chats on posts.
      As soon as the DVD was announced, more members started joining. After us, [35948,Anna] was the most active member here,although she joined around September.
      Then [65583,Keiryu] joined & became the most active member. He eventually established himself as "Master of Insanity". He supported each & every new members.
      There was a huge flow of new members & posts. More than 100 posts were made on a single day.All members wanted access to the DVD. But as soon as they would reach 700 points, they would stop posting & become inactive.
      In spite of this, there were a team of us, who have been active throughout.
      The first 2 years on this site felt like the first year of college.Too many posts.too many members,too many spammers!!! We used to have so much fun...
      • Keiryu Ahh yes the good old days i remember playing chess with [25669,Robin] ....Never won...I still have to say it is quite sad that so many left.
        • Soham Banerjee I also remember how me & [25669,Robin] would argue over our Mod stuff & they would actually reach SimMan LOL!!!
          We were acquaintances,then we became enemies,then frenemies & lastly friends.
          Its strange that this site has taught me so many things. I have become more tolerant, calm. Now I am so sweet to even spammers, I try to guide them , instead of giving warnings...
          • Kentaro you admonish too haha :p
            but i guess that is okay since i am not too new a member. ;)
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