Keiryu's Random Google Search: Nice Painting
Yeah first i try to corrupt Catholic Drug Free Vegans. Now i try to corrupt Artists. My next target will be musician :D

KEIRYU MASTER OF INSANITY...out (Currently Still Corrupting people)
  • Robin Only a crazy artist could come up with a crazy moustache like that :p
    I understand why he didn't get in though. Those stairs go right through a window... For a realistic painting that's a huge fail.
    • Keiryu That's not even the worst part.

      Look at the bottom left window...Here is a tip.

      "One of this things is not like the other...One of this things just does not belong."
  • Kentaro Just one request... Do not forget to write pagans in your list, and please DO forget Wiccans. Great and funny idea by the way.
    • Keiryu Wiccans....You mean Whitches? Them Whitches need to be burned that will stop them for a while however the only true way to kill them is throwing them out a window without a broom. Everyone knows Whitches can't fly without their broom.

      As for Pagans i will still come back to them sooner or later. It's just more fun to mess with Catholics since they tend to have a real hard one for religion.
      • Kentaro And damn I did not mean witches -_- but hey that was a good crackler you just made :D
        I meant wiccans. they are magick covens, with me being a part. henceforth I ask you to forget the term. ( the real thing being that I told you about them... they are no longer safe. I must land in Lisbon at this instant and feed you the forgetful potion. Now where are you? :p
        • Keiryu Why should i other than to visit Japan, Korea and China? If i want to hunt WHITCHES i can just do it here there are more then enough.

          Also before you go assuming something stupid again be aware that i know my Occultism and the diffrence between all of those "Types". So yeah don't...
        • Keiryu Wiccans, Wizard, Magician, Illusionist, Telepats those are all WHITCHES and WHITCHES get burned or thrown out the window...
          • Keiryu [25669,Robin]

            WHITCHES, Virgins, toasters all the same i hunt things in general.

            If it dies i hunt it. ^_^
          • Robin I remember seeing an old movie where they really called the males whitches too... So I guess you're still an old school whitch hunter then :p
          • Kentaro Sighs*
            Do not reach Asia anytime soon.