So the college series...
Um... about how long would it take to read the whole thing to date if I sat down and binge read the series? Since life has been crazy and I finally have a day off coming up...
  • Keiryu Well first off welcome back now to your question.

    Depends how fast you read, how fast your internet it and how focused you are.

    Personally it takes me more or less 1 hour but that is more because i tend to get distracted.

    Honestly your easiest way to do it is read it book by book that way you can put it into seperate parts but yeah they are a fun read so i say go for it.
  • Kentaro I think they'll take you a couple of hours in the least. But they are really cool, almost like a movie.
    You will definitely Enjoy it. Besides, now that they have slideshow view on the main website, life is a whole lot easier. Relax and enjoy your day off.