^That is a question to be asked.
Seriously, anybody know the answer?
  • SimMan I just know many are complaining about health care in Canada
    • Robin Really? I thought people even came from the US because health care in Canada was way more affordable?
      • Ebony that is true but its more like "i will skip the line because i have money even though doing so will kill them" here its in order unless your dying. and i know this 4 my family is in the med profession. over all i think where better but if your RICH in the US your good. here? your bucks dont matter at all
  • Keiryu I have a better question...How exactly would you die in Canada...?

    • Robin Doesn't most of Europe have free health care but we still die, right? Or am I wrong? Just a minute going to try an kill myself for 1 second :p
      • Keiryu I don't have free health care... -_-
        • Robin Well, it's not completely free but it's not that expensive either. I don't know if there's any country that has 100% free health care.
          • Keiryu Yep it's because of the Crisis. Plus we have very few doctor as is nowadays. So everytime you go to the doctor you have to stay there for like 6 hours in the least...
          • Robin Holy shit, in that case your health system is way too expensive. I knew Greece had it hard and Spain wasn't doing that great either, but had no idea about Portugal. I assume this is because of the financial crisis, right?

            I normally go just once a year for a regular check-up, but not if it was that expensive (relatively to what I earn)

          • Keiryu F**k no that's a Monthly salary right there. It's for the people with "Average" jobs.

            It's a pretty fu**ed up system to be honest. It gets to a point where you have to cut in your daily expenses just so you can pay rent, water, electicity, gas, etc... That is all without counting Food, Telephone and Internet amongst other "Daily" expenses.

            Do you really think people have the cash for a doctors visit with all that.

            Heck even i rarely go to the doctors (By which i mean never) my last "Willing" visit was like 10 years ago and that's because i ended up in the hospital...
          • Robin Well, I only go to the doctor like twice a year so I don't mind. Besides it's way cheaper than in some countries.
            A normal doctor's visit is about the same as going to eat which is a fair price to me...

            But I do hope that average salary is weekly, right? :p
          • Keiryu Like i said way to expensive in my book.Especially when the average salary consists of 420 someshit euros.
          • Robin Well, a normal doctor's visit is around 25 euro's. Consulting a specialist is 35-50 euros and if you also need to get an MRI or CT scan or something it could be about 100-115 euro's. To me that's not expensive compared to what some people spend on other stuff.
          • Keiryu Oh trust me it is expensive. Then again i do consider anything that costs more than a rock to be expensive as f**k.