• Keiryu The world noticed that years ago. Just like they noticed that Frieza in his third form looks like a Xenomorph. ^_^
    • lnearmello xenomorph?
    • Robin Just wondering. What came first though? Frieza or Mewtwo?
      • lnearmello Frieza is a decade older than Mewtwo.
      • Keiryu Frieza. DBZ loooooooong before Pokemon even came out.

        DBZ: Came out in 1989 to be specific Frieza appeared in the 247 Chapter "Planet Namek Cold and Dark" which was released in Novemeber of 1989.

        Pokemon: Came out in 1995 with Mewtwo making it's debut in February 1996 with Red, Blue and Green Editions.

        Here is a funny fact The Xenomorph beats Frieza since it made it's debut in Alien which came out in 1979.

        TRIVIA BITCHES!!! Keiryu knows it. ^_^
        • lnearmello you should have been more clearer in pokemon post, tho.
          • Keiryu Well i thought i made myself fairly clear. Not like i wrote "Came out" twice or anything. I wrote "Came out" at the start and then "Debut" when reffering to the actual date of Mewtwo appearing.

            Anime and Manga don't even matter since it is Pokemon a story based on a "Game" so really the game will always be first. Hence i saw no reason to talk about the Manga/Anime unlike Dragonball Z which started with a "Manga"

            Plus when someone says Red, Blue, Green when talking about Pokemon the normal thought would be to associate it with the first three games not the Manga or even the Anime (Which has more to do with Yellow).

            So yeah....Not sure how i would have explained it even better...
        • lnearmello Pokemon came out in 1996, in form of a game. Anime and manga came out in 1997 ^_^. Chekmate Kei, I have more anime and pokemon knowledge than anyone in this site.
          • Keiryu Ehhhh...You just said what i said...And you are wrong which makes it worse...

            However i do admit to having had a typo there i wrote "Came out in 1995" However it should have been "Created in 1995"

            So to make it clear.

            Pokemon was "Created" in 1995 and "Came out" in 1996 with Red, Blue, Green. Those are the "Games" I never talked about the Anime or Manga.

            As for Dragonball i talked about "Dragonball Z" not "Dragonball"

            Frieza was not introduced before Dragonball Z. Heck Dragonball "The Original" was based on "The Journy to the West" It had nothing to do with Super Sayian or Frieza or Power Levels or anything happening in DBZ.

            Trust me you don't know more than me about Trivia.
        • lnearmello So keiryu is this site's wiki?
        • lnearmello No, DB Manga started in 1986.
        • Robin Or you know how to search on Google? :p
          • lnearmello Boom.
          • Keiryu I do admit that most of those information came gathered from various websites. Amongst others sources.

            However those where looked for long ago the only thing i had to refind was the months since i even have all the chapters of DB and DBZ on my shelf as we speak.

            Trust me if it comes to Anime, Games, Mythology, History or any other useless Trivial knowledge really i most likely know it or will know it depending on how recent it is.

            However if you asked me for anything important like i don't know the square root of 4 or something. I would probably not be able to answer it...

            That's just how my brain works. If it is useless it stays stuck if it is important i forget it. For example i can't remember Names and Birthdays.

            Why do you think i keep giving people weird nicknames and the birthdays are so bad i tend to forget my own birthday...Not even kidding...