Keiryu Shares a Thing: Αnime Avengers ASMV (
GOOOOOOOOOOOD MORNING BLACKSPEARS-NAM!!!.....No wait it's Freedomwall now....SHIT!!!

Oh well. No use fapping over bad porn...No wait that's not what i meant either...Ahh F**k it. 


Now i am gonna go straight to the point. I noticed a certain lack of activity recently and i am not happy with it...I enjoy it when the community is active, makes the place more fun for everyone. Mostly for me, it's a sign people i can stab are around here somewhere. 

Still i am getting sidetracked. Since there has been so little activity, i decided to share something i found a while back with you all. 

So without further ado, enjoy. ANIME AVENGERS!!!

KEIRYU MASTER OF INSANITY...out (Currently seeing if he has to pick up the pace again so you all get more active.
  • Keiryu Just gonna say one thing. This would be one of the greatest Anime Crossovers ever. I pay to watch it.
    • Chriskris Only if they kicked Bleach out of the fight.
      • Keiryu Say what you want about Bleach...And honestly there is a lot that could be said but it is still one of the top shounen animes can't really have a Shounen Anime Avengers without Bleach.

        I would however like to see Reborn and Gintama being added. Now that would be fun.