Mx0: a manga with far superior plot, but was axed...cuz it lacked fanservice (
I discovered this manga a few months ago, and I still remember the pain of shock when my anticipation for a sequel was crushed upon learning that this brilliant manga was axed due to low popularity ratings in Japan....
  • John Blackwell well all the good manga are like that
  • Keiryu i read this manga in like a weaka few years back i still remember i loved the begining but it just got worse with time when i finaly read the last one i was kind of sad because it could have gone for longer if they had a chance
  • Ardry It had *JUST ENOUGH* fanservice, I agree! ...but maaannnn, they were gooood, even if they were sparse
  • Albert I strongly urge everyone to try reading this manga.

    The Google search will only take 3 seconds. But you will reap many times more in wonder, and in fulfillment. Let this manga steal your heart, let it make you soar with the true freedom from life that only the best manga can provide. Let it make you love the characters, cheer them on, well-knowing that though this is just a story, the reading experience is painfully real. You will feel with this manga, across the entire spectrum of emotions.

    Read. You will not be let down. Except for at the very end, when your soul is crushed by the cold, unfeeling corporations that shot down this high-soaring eagle.
  • Albert This manga had so much potential! It could have gone on for at least 200-300 chapters! ...but was cut off at 99. Abruptly. A wonderful, refreshing beginning, with exquisite, heart-pounding story development, all building up to a mediocre conclusion because Shonen Jump wanted it cancelled. Because it was unpopular with the Japanese audience. NOT because it LACKED fanservice, but because it had too little of it....
  • Albert The reason why manga like Naruto and Bleach have survived for so long are because they DON'T require you to think. You can open to any page, and all that matters is that the characters are pummeling eachother because of some vague idea presented in the first chapter. That's enough for most people, I guess. But mx0 was truly a fulfilling manga
    • Laser I strongly agree with you. mx0 is undoubtedly one of my favorites because of its wonderfully woven storyline.....oh, and the ecchi scenes were uhm... hehe
  • Albert It was one of those manga that actually forced you to *think*. Each part of the story built upon itself in a spectacular way--the plotline was exquisite--you could vividly imagine yourself inside the story with ease, thanks to how brilliantly Kano Yasuhiro crafts his work.