Well duh. Also, got it!
I feel pretty stupid. I FINALLY found out what I needed to do- I needed to go online and err... "Talk to her" on this website.
I'm happy that she's... No wait. No spoilers. All I will say is- yes, Player DID deserve it.
  • Keiryu one of the endings that made me want to cry so much work and in the end you can´t even........no memorie to painful can not speak of it q.q
    • Freak I can probably say some memories that are more painful, even in video games. >>
      Xenoblades... Persona 3... Um... Final Fantasy VII.
      • Keiryu nooo do not say FFVII i accept Xenoblades i accept persona 3 i even accept Crisis Core but i won´t accept VII as a bad memorie sure she got stabed in the back but at least you got your revenge/Closure every other game you have no revenge/closure you can not even mae a choice you just have to live with it but stuff aside i just think that people put FFVII on a way to high pedestral it´s not that sad/great as people say sure it is still one of the greatest games out there but i can name a good bunch of games that have impressed me more then that one expecialy in terms of sadness ps:start the Rage people i be waiting for it ^_^
        • Freak That's true...
          ...The ending of Twilight Princess. I was sad, and then I was mad...
          Downpour's debatable, too... And Red Dead Redemption...
          I play way too many... Actually...
          Oh, and Mother 3!
          And Wild ARMs!
          • Keiryu yeah Mother 3 was pretty sad so was Wild Arms however i actualy found the Red Dead Redemption ending pretty badass especialy with the Zombie version ^_^ and trust me you don´t play more then me that much i can tell you ^_^
  • Robin Congratulations!
    Did you get it the good old fashioned way or decided to go with the masses and use cheats?

    And, yes you did absolutely deserve it. Shame on you Freak for being so inconsiderate of Tomoko's feelings :p
    • Freak Thanks, though, when I found out that THAT' was ALL I had to do, I basically said "fuck it," and cheated.
      Y'know, just in case it didn't work, anyway.
      • Robin If you had to retry 50 times and then get an ending like you would've probably just been annoyed anyway :p
        So maybe it's for the best. At least now you can appreciate how it all turned out.