• kotomifan A takedown tackle, some pelvic thrusts, he gets the ball, and the crowd goes wild.
    Now THAT's a goalkeeper.
    • Keiryu You can really feel the heat in the air with a performance like that. Such show of physical power can only astound us lesser beings. It takes a special kind of man to take those balls without faltering. And the fans love every minute of it. :D
  • Keiryu Just noticed. It's amazing how into it the dude seems. It's like he thrusts 3 times and then the 4th is when he is sure everything should be inside for when sweet release strikes...

    Just a weird image...Glad to have put it in your head. ^_^
  • Robin I've been tackling wrong al my life.... :p
  • Keiryu Not the weirdest way i have seen someone celebrate a goal....But it is by far the weirdest in any football game so far....